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Its OK"On the flavor front, this didn't have much impact. There was a creamy texture to it. Not much else, though."
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bourgeteadarjeelingBourgeaTEA's Darjeeling represents the first time I've tried something from the Margaret's Hope tea estate. It was one I've been curious about after seeing it listed on so many Darj fans tops lists. They - the vendors - state that their offering is also a June harvest plucking, meaning a first flush. So far, first flushes have impressed me, but second and autumnals still dominate in terms of character and body.

The grape-like aroma from these dry leaves was intoxicating and slightly in conflict with its initial drab appearance. One would expect a first flush to be more colorful with their bouquet of greens and browns. This was mostly dark in appearance, resembling a later picking season. Not a critique of the quality, I assure you.

Brewing instructions were not present on the site. I went with 1 tsp for a reserved two-and-a-half-minute infusion in 8oz pre-boil water. This was one of the things I loved about most Darj's. For the snob on the go, they were easy to prepare.

As expected with a spring-grown tea, it brewed quite light; gold-to-amber by way of brown. What was really fun was looking through the transparent cup I used - like seeing the world in sepia tone. Okay, that has no real bearing on this review. I'm just easily distracted, and that seemed cool. The nose was surprisingly muted for a black tea, even a light one. I smelled some hint of floral/spice crispness, that is, if I tried hard enough.

On the flavor front, this didn't have much impact. There was a creamy texture to it. Not much else, though. On the positive front, this didn't embitter at all. I didn't have to wag my tongue. Not sure what I was really expecting from this. I'm new to Darjeeling tastings and have tried some superb ones. This, alas, ranks lower than most.

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