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Thumbs up!"This was prime amber, orange-yellow with a look of honey to it. I half expected to see a mosquito used for dinosaur cloning swimming around in its contents; that amber."
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leafspaorganicrooibosCleaning one's room is often an exercise in elimination. It's amazing what you might find under every nook and cranny of a once box-filled, closet-like sleep space. I had no idea I accumulated so much stuff over a period of twenty some-odd years. I found my old college press pass, a badge from a decade-gone family reunion, photos from a friend's wedding, and a Star Trek: TNG Ten-Forward shot glass from the old Vegas mock-up. Some of this was archival. The rest was junk. So, I tossed 'em.

Not exactly Earth friendly.

The opposite is true for LeafSpa Organics. (Nice segue, huh?) They make it perfectly clear that they are as green as green can be, enough to make a certain musical frog a "certain color" with envy. All of their products - and not just their tea line - are organic, one-quarter of them are Fair Trade Certified. Even the materials they use for shipping are 100% recycled.

It's enough to make me think twice about the archive o' junk.

How exactly does an organic-emphasis tea vendor connect to my efforts to delouse my room? It just so happens, I bee-lined to their green rooibos offering three hours after successfully declaring a job well done. Yes, I celebrate cleaning. It's a rare occurrence. Small victories must be self-acknowledged if they're ever to continue. A damn fine herbal seemed like the perfect way to go.

I've made no secret that green rooibos is my absolute favorite herbal. They constantly rank high whenever one comes my way. It's not a bias, it's a love affair. LeafSpa's batch lived up on aromatic/visual presentation; a perfect prologue. This was the first time I'd ever run across a "long-cut" variety of green rooibos. Most I've had in the past were fine-cut at least, bordering on fannings. These were light, yellow-to-green, and pine-needle-like. The smell was herbaceous, nut-sweet, and honeycomb-esque,

LeafSpa recommended brewing this up at 205F for five minutes. I thought that was a tad conservative. I went with an extra minute, 2 tsp worth in 16oz. Both green and red rooibos yielded pretty hearty brews. I boiled this alive.

I'm used to seeing green rooibos brew Not so much with amber. This was prime amber, orange-yellow with a look of honey to it. I half expected to see a mosquito used for dinosaur cloning swimming around in its contents; that amber. To the nose, it had that atypical nut-sweetness of a green rooibos with a light grassy hint. And the most important tasted...*cue loud slurping noise in real-time*...absolutely exquisite. Unlike others of its kind, it had a creamy texture that matched the nutty, honey-like palate. I could have sweetened it, but there really was no need. This is herbal infusion perfection.

The greatest way to celebrate a newly de-cluttered room.

— To purchase LeafSpa Organic Rooibos Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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