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Thumbs up!"To the taste, ginger finally showed up and complimented the serene tangerine palate."
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gingerlovelogGingerLove is - as happily displayed on the website - a product of Belgium. The website domain name also reveals as such. I had no idea Belgium had much of a tea culture, even when I visited there. What little I know was garnered from a three-day excursion through Brussels and Bruges. And don't let that one movie fool you, Bruges is beautiful. However, when I think of Belgium, I don't think ginger. But I'm open to new experiences.

Ingredients for this powdered concoction mention including citrus and other herbs along with the ginger. No mention of what those other "herbes" are is displayed, but the health properties of ginger are well-brandished on the right sidebar. Much appreciated. It certainly smelled like ginger, but the color was bright orange. I assume this had something to do with the citrus.

Brewing tips were relatively simple. They instructed to use 180ml of warm water, pour the mix in and stir. Sounded simple enough, except for that whole metric system part. Yet another problem with being from "Les Etats-Unis"...we don't know anything. I had to look up the conversions. Approximately 7oz. Got it. Now to figure out what they meant by warm. I went with 165F water and a 2/3rds full coffee mug for giggles.

When I poured the powder in, the funniest thing happened. It had a "Rice Krispies" moment where it started popping once in contact with the water, followed by fizz. Okay, maybe that's more of an Alka-Seltzer moment. Still, it invoked a bro-ish "dude!" reaction. The aroma of the liquid infusion differed from the dry granules; changing from all ginger snap to citrus storm. In appearance, it resembled an Orange Julius. To the taste, ginger finally showed up and complimented the serene tangerine palate. I seriously wish I'd known about this sooner. This could easily overtake chamomile as my preferred nighttime beverage. And I didn't feel like belching fire afterwards, like with other ginger teas.

It must be love.

— To purchase GingerLove, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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