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Thumbs up!"The first time I smelled this tea coming out of its shipping package I knew that I would be hooked. Outstanding white, youthberry is wonderfully and fruitfully mastered."
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teavanayouthberryThe sweet acai palm fruit from South Africa is the leading ingredient in this tantilising blend of tropical fruits (which I believe to be pineapple, mango and black and red currant), white tips and delicately ground acai berry. I may never want to try another white tea again after Youthberry. The nectarous flavours of the tea weren't the type of sugary one would get from adding a whole bunch of plain granulated white sugar. This sweetness is much more sophisticated and natural than anything that could be isolated and put in a jar. The juicy nectar that comes from the saccharides of the fruit is deliciously inviting to this white cup. The natural sugars aren't just the ones that are naturally found in the white tips either. However, if I were to venture a guess, I would say that I believe that the glucose from the white tips intermingles with the saccharides from the fruits to give a truly unique and utterly enjoyable tropic tea.

Besides being flat out scrumptious, Youthberry is also entirely healthy. This tea is good for complexion and skin health, as all white teas are, but the added fruits in Youthberry make this tea one of the most detoxifying blends that I have come across. There are literally antioxidants in every single ingredient of this beloved white. The health benefits make it worth drinking, the taste makes it desirable to sip and the smell that fills the room while it brews makes me want to treat everyone in my house to this cup often.

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20 Responses to “Review: Teavana Youthberry”

  1. Alice Says:

    I tried this for the first time yesterday and I’m hooked. The scent alone makes me giddy. I love mixing the youthberry with the orange blossom. A great, sort of sweet tea that makes me so happy.

    My Rating: 10/10

  2. Theresa Tan Says:

    No rating yet. I can’t get my airtihgt Teavana canister to open. My fingernails are almost broken. Does anyone know if there is a trick to opening the canister. I didn’t enquire when I bought it in the US. Now, I’m in my home country, and I can’t ask.

    Would appreciate some pointers. Thanks.

  3. Chelsy Says:

    If you’ve already put the tea in it, do this over a clean surface (table) so that when tea comes flying out you will be able to recollect it. The trick with the 3 1/2 inch (8.89 cm for our non-US friends) canisters is that they need to be broken in. If you’ve already got tea in there, you skipped over step one, but this is recoverable. The best way to approach the situation now is to be forceful and gentle. Try not to pry it open, but rather grip the canister in one hand and the lid in the other hand. Your palm should touch the lid so that you have completely covered the lid with your hand. Hold upright and twist the lid toward you, lifting up with your fingertips in the front and holding tight with your thumb. The lid should wedge off. Once the lid is off, you’ll notice that the sealing component is slightly bendable plastic. I recommend gently pressing it in all around the lid to break it in. If you want to break it in on the canister, empty the tea first to avoid flying tea projectiles. Hope it works out for you.

  4. Mari Says:

    I also cannot get the canister open. It was loaded in the store by a clerk, so how can this be the customer’s fault? I tried your method without success. This tea and canister were expensive, and a big disappointment.

  5. Chelsy Says:

    I suggest e-mailing teavana about it and see where you get with that. Or spreading out a large and clean kitchen towel and using a flat head screw driver to pry the lid from the canister. My newest one is much tougher than the others, but for this one, I turn the canister so I can see the place where the metal comes together, because is its weakest spot, and push with my thumb over that spot on the lid.

    In any case, write teavana.

  6. Cri Says:

    Delicious tea well worth the price. Iced, its really, really good, heated its good. Only complaint is if you let it set for too long it gets bitter and funny tasting fast (within minutes).

    My Rating: 10/10

  7. Naomi Says:

    Love! Love! Love! This is worth every penny!

    My Rating: 10/10

  8. Angel Says:

    The best way to open the canister is to use a rubber jar opener (gripper). I hold the canister in one hand and take the lid off with the rubber gripper. It’s effortless!!! Yes, it’s impossible to open without that rubber gripper.

    My Rating: 6/10

  9. bridgett Says:

    as much as it killed me to spend so much money… buying it in bulk was the smartest thing i could have done. this is delicious, smells amazing, and i can’t wait to see the health benefits from the antioxidants in here. 🙂

  10. Chelsy Says:

    For the record, all tea will begin to get bitter tasting if you allow it to steep too long. That’s why tea companies have steep times. The reason: tea leaves are plants, these plants have phytonutrients that tend to be bitter (the plant’s insurance policy against being eaten by critters). Now most of these phytonutrients like plant-based phenols and polyphenols, flavonoids, isoflavones, terpenes, and glucosinolates are part of the super healthy aspect of tea. They are released into brewing water within about 1 minute, but tannins, these are bitter polyphenols that take longer to be released in the brewing process and what make tea undrinkable after a long steep time. HIgh concentrations of tannins can actually cause the body to process the tea faster, which results in the filtering out of the health benefits, rather than absorption.
    If you want stronger tea add more leaves and steep the for the proper time.

  11. Chelsy Says:

    After all of this time, the question is answered. If you have a teavana tin that you cannot open for the life of you, it is most likely a citrus problem. Teavana does carry tins that are specific for any tea containing citrus segmets or citrus rinds. The oils from the citrus inside a tin slowly create a vacuum inside of the tin, if it’s not a citrus tin, the thing will be almost impossible to open. Recommend taking the non-citrus tin into a store and asking to get the proper tin. The teaologists in the store should be giving you the proper tin when you buy a tea with citrus, but sometimes the detail gets past even the most noble of tea experts.

  12. Riema Says:

    The most delicious tea ever.

    I’m not a tea drinker….but the first time i’ve tried it in a Teavana store i loved it.
    It relieves my stomach and also found out that my skin looks much prettier and healthier.
    I bought 2oz of youthberry tea and mixed it with 2oz wild Orange Blossom, i loved the citros alot, i will mix it nex time with 3 oz of wild orange blossom.

  13. Kathie Says:

    Actually I found a trick to opening the tea canister (I have the larger one but almost no tea left in it) on a review of the canister on The reviewers said to slightly squeeze the canister. I found this after I was heating up my water and just could not open the canister. The squeezing worked, though I did dent my tin a bit and have to undent it from the inside. Oh and I don’t have a citrus blend of tea, I am using the Maharaja Chai Oolong. Hope this helps!

  14. Laly Says:

    Hi everyone! So after many samples from the Teavana store I purchased 4 oz of Youthberry tea. I did not buy sweetener as I thought I would not need any. How can I get my tea to taste the same as the sample I tried in store? Does anyone know if they use rock sugar in the store samples? Thanks in advance.

  15. Janet Says:

    Hi all,
    So, what about the opposite problem: I can’t get the Teavana tin LID BACK on the canister.
    I had to put my tea in some tupperware tonight because I could’t get the lid back on. 🙁

  16. Samantha Says:

    Laly-from what I have read about Teavana, is that they actually brew their teas in stores with well above the amount of tea that is recommended, try using more tea, not sure if they use rock sugar. I am not impressed with Teavana, what they sell in store (as far as the actual brewed tea) is lacking when you bring it home. There are far better companies out there that are trying not to scam you, but that’s my opinion. Are you sure you didn’t try a blend of teas? They do that alot to get you to buy both kinds.

  17. Annette white Says:

    I just want to said I went to the Palisades center in Nyack NY. I was greeted by a young lady who introduced me all the favors on display. I must said I enjoyed every moment of examining the teas. I end up buying the Youthberry White Tea, it one of the best tea I ever tasted. Thank You Teavava

    My Rating: 10/10

  18. Hannah Gill Says:

    Followed the directions exactly, it tastes like the inside of a garbage bin. I went back to Teavana, and was told by a rep to “double” what the instructions said. Went back home, it still tastes nowhere near what they serve in the store. I tripled the amount (4.5 instead of 1.5) and it marginally tasted like what is offered in the store. Had I known it would take 3 times as much as the instructions say, I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s more cost effective to go out and buy tea from Starbucks than to brew my own! So, I’ve bought the best smelling and worst tasting potpourri ever. Teavana is a HUGE waste of money. Might as well brew my own gold and drink it for the price.

    My Rating: 1/10

  19. iSingh Says:

    Tasted the wild orange blossom/youthberry mix in the Woodlands, Texas Teavana store for the first time yesterday and bought two ounces of each and had them mixed. I also bought the single serving teavana brewer/infuser. I didn’t add any sugar so it’s a little more tart than in the store where they use beet sugar because it is sweet and has no flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed it last night, this morning…and now again. I’m hooked.

  20. Ruth Sanchez Says:

    Love at first scent,taste and consumption! I quit coffee after the first try of this delightful liquid joy! The best and most extraordinary delight that I have ever had the privilege to try! LOve this tea!

    My Rating: 10/10

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