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Thumbs up!"Strong malty notes really lead the way, but there is also a distinct fruitiness which provides a pleasant and natural sweetness. "
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cantonquanhungUnlike its name, the flavor of Canton Tea Company's Jiu Qu Hung Mei is easy and accessible. The dried leaves look pretty much like any high quality loose leaf black tea, not standing out for any particular reason. However, after brewing, this tea does indeed stand out among a crowd of black teas. The brewed tea is a reddish-coppery color, with a very pleasing fruity aroma. I found that this tea drinks much like an Assam black tea, with strong malty notes really leading the way. There is also a distinct fruitiness which provides a pleasant and natural sweetness and takes an edge off what might otherwise be a too-strong maltiness. The tea is brisk and bold, therefore certainly well-suited for morning consumption. However, I found that this tea was also just as enjoyable and appropriate at later times of the day. Although this tea had a wonderful mouthfeel quality to it, I didn't notice any unpleasant heaviness that can sometimes accompany a strong black tea. This tea is a self-drinker; no need to add any dairy or sugar to this brew. Jiu Qu Hung Mei is one of many Canton tea offerings that I have had the pleasure to sample in the last month or so, and this tea just reaffirms my impression of Canton Tea Co. as a reputable and high-quality purveyor of Chinese teas. I plan on purchasing some teas from Canton Tea Co. very soon, and this selection will be one of the first items dropped into my online shopping cart. This tea is highly recommended, and I think it will appeal to seasoned black tea lovers as well as those who don't necessarily always prefer black tea.

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