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Thumbs up!"I loved this tea, and it could easily become a morning staple in my selection of good, strong, black morning teas! I am very happy and impressed with the teas I have tasted from Joy's Teaspoon!"
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joysteaspoonenglishbreakfastJoy's Teaspoon is quickly becoming one of my favorite online tea sources. Many of their teas and spices are organically cultivated and/or Fair Trade, and they have the goal of providing quality, full bodied loose-leaf teas.

Yes, I do love full bodied loose leaf teas! And at the top of the page for their English Breakfast blend it says, "If you like it strong, then English Breakfast may be in order". I start my day - every day - with a good pot of black tea, and I do like it strong.

So, of course, I looked forward to a morning pot of Joys Teaspoon English Breakfast. It is a blend of Assam and Sumatra teas... which took me back a bit because in my old coffee era, I loved Sumatra coffee, but was unsure what Sumatra black tea was like. However, I have really enjoyed a different Indonesian black tea from another company, and I love a good Assam blend, so I figured this was going to be a good tea.

I have a Chronic Illness that doesn't allow me to get out of bed until I've taken some meds and taken in a lot of fluids to increase my blood volume before I stand. So my sweet husband, who also enjoys a good cup of black tea in the morning, is very helpful in making my morning pot of tea.

As usual, I measured out the tea, and left it in a strainer on the tea tray the night before. In the morning, my hubby heats the pot while the tea kettle water is heating up. He's very good and picking the exact moment right at the boil to pour the tea. This time, since I knew I would be reviewing this tea, he brought it straight to me so I could time it's brewing. I brewed it for 6 min and removed the strainer.

It had a nice fragrance. The leaves were fairly small pieces after being brewed, be definitely NOT fannings or dust! It was a dark tea, and I prepared as normal with sugar and milk.

The flavor was fantastic! Very smooth and very bold and full bodied! The Assam was clearly there, yet it was not the strongest malty Assam I have ever tasted. It was good though, and smoothed out by the Indonesian tea. My husband had a taste, and commented that he thought it had some unusual flavor he couldn't identify. It took me several teacups full before I figured out what he meant. This tea has just the slightest hint of a floral aftertaste, which was easier to detect as the tea cooled.

It was not astringent, even though it was bold and strong, but it did leave an acidic feeling on my tongue - not immediately after drinking, but several minutes after finishing a cup.

Sometimes, I brew tea fully loose in the pot, but I think, after my first pot using a strainer and removing the tea at 6 minutes, I would not brew this loose in the pot due to the acidity. I'm guessing this tea would get bitter if brewed too long.

I loved this tea, and it could easily become a morning staple in my selection of good, strong, black morning teas! I am very happy and impressed with the teas I have tasted from Joy's Teaspoon!

— To purchase Joy’s Teaspoon English Breakfast, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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3 Responses to “Review: Joy’s Teaspoon English Breakfast”

  1. Heather Vanek Says:

    I haven’t tried their English Breakfast blend yet so I’ll definitely give it a whirl. I’ve had several flavored teas from Joy’s Teaspoon and have LOVED every single one. Normally I drink coffee in the morning for something strong, so maybe this could replace that. Thanks for the recommendation Melanie!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I have sipped this tea and I think my favorite part is the rich aroma you can only get from a black tea. I had not thought about milk and sugar, thanks Melanie, I will have to give that a try. I gave this tea as a gift to a certain coffee drinker in my life and they just raved about it.

  3. Melanie Says:

    Heather – I too have had several unique blends from Joy’s Teaspoon – some black blended with green, some green blended with white, but all so delicious!

    Sarah – I agree, the aroma as you sip this tea is quite lovely!!

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