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Not Great"Bland and uninspiring; this tea may be rich in history, but unfortunately it is not rich in flavor"
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Boston Harbour Tea is a tea that is sold exclusively from the Mark T Wendell company. This tea is steeped in history (yes, pun intended) since it comes from Britain’s oldest tea merchant Davison, Newman and Co, which is the company that supplied tea during the Boston Tea Party. According to the Mark T Wendell website, this tea is a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling teas. This tea is available in both loose leaf and bagged form, although I only sampled the bagged form. The teabag was a standard, no frills teabag. I did examine the contents and, as suspected, the tea was nothing but miniscule specks and fannings.

I couldn’t find any guidance on preparing this tea, so I used my standard approach to bagged black tea: steeped in boiling water for two and a half minutes. After infusion, I removed the teabag from my travel mug and hit the road. I took my first sip on my way out of the driveway and was puzzled, and I mean truly puzzled. This tea had no flavor. I felt as though I was drinking hot water. I continued to sip this tea trying to eke out any flavor I could, but was not very successful. I decided that perhaps I had used too much water (I had used about eight or nine ounces of water). The following morning, I gave this tea a second shot using my sole remaining sample teabag. I used about six ounces and a three-minute steep. In a bit of a de ja vu moment, I removed the teabag from my travel mug and hit the road. Furthering the de ja vu experience was the fact that again, this tea was near flavorless. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to get any essence of flavor other than heated water out of this tea. I found this tea to be bland and uninspiring. I brought my travel mug into my office but never even bothered to drink this flavorless tea. Because some teas taste completely different hot versus iced, I later tried adding ice to the remainder of the tea that was in my travel mug. The flavor was perhaps a little bit stronger, but still too weak and uninteresting for my preferences. I could detect a faint hint of a Darjeeling crispness, but still, the overwhelming impression I got was of a watered-down and lackluster brew. This tea may be rich in history, but unfortunately it is not rich in flavor.

— To purchase Mark T Wendell Boston Harbour Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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