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Thumbs up!"A solid raspberry flavor over a smooth black tea base."
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This tea is a blend of Assam leaves with raspberry leaves, raspberries, and “creamy flavoring”. This tea’s appearance is not as attractive as other raspberry-flavored teas I have sampled simply because the raspberries in this blend are dried and in small pieces compared to the large, lush raspberries that I have observed in other blends. The good thing is that I am more concerned with the flavor than the appearance of the tea, and as it turns out, this tea is pretty good. The raspberries’ contribution to this tea is noticeable, as they impart a fruity tartness to the blend. Some berry blends can verge towards being unpleasant because the berry flavor gets too tart or sour, but I found this blend to be evenly balanced. The raspberries do somewhat change the mouthfeel of the tea, but not enough to make it affect my opinion of the tea. I didn’t get much of the cream flavor, but I suspect that this in one of those ingredients whose absence would be noted more than its rather subtle presence. The Assam tea used as the base is a lighter Assam and serves as the perfect backdrop for the raspberry flavor without being drowned out by the raspberries. The tea is smooth and easy-drinking and while I enjoyed mine straight up, it seems that this tea would respond favorably to milk and/or sugar. Because this tea delivers a solid raspberry flavor over a smooth black tea base, this is a tea I would definitely recommend to raspberry lovers.

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