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Thumbs up!" As a hot drink, this is not one that I would probably not reach for with any regularity, but I did find that it was much more enjoyable iced. In fact, it is downright tasty when iced."
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teavanablueberrybliss"The distinctive tart flavor of blueberries married to the fresh citrus taste of green Rooibos make this tea pure joy in a cup." ---Teavana website.

Teavana is one of those tea companies that people seem to love or hate. This is in large part due to their aggressive sales techniques or complete lack of service when the store is busy. I happen to live pretty close to a Teavana and frequent the place on a semi-regular basis for at least a cup of tea. I have had a mixed bag of experiences with Teavana, but mostly I like Teavana. It was actually Teavana that introduced me to loose tea! Prior to wandering into the store shortly after it opened, I really had no idea that the loose tea industry existed. In the months that followed that discovery, I bought pretty much every tea in their store that even remotely interested me and got into the whole tea blending thing as well. Yea, I spent a lot of money in there. While I don't spend nearly so much money in there now that I have found the world of online loose tea retailers, I still buy all of my brown German rock cane sugar in there, various accessories, some teas that I enjoy and, until recently when I acquired my Breville, I used one of their Perfect Tea Makers to prepare 98% of my tea. Regardless of your opinion of Teavana, their flavored tea blends can hold their own with some of the best.

I actually periodically stock this Blueberry Bliss blend in my personal tea collection. It is not my favorite blueberry rooibos blend of all time, but I love to mix this one with Earl Grey and Creme Earl Grey Blends. I never drink it all by itself and I decided to request a sample of it because I am currently out of it and also because I wanted to review it as a stand-alone drink. Teavana lists the ingredients in this blend as green Rooibos tea, blueberries, raisins, black currants, rosehip peels, beetroot pieces, hibiscus flowers and flavoring. The dry sample is chock full of the ingredients listed and has tons of little dried blueberry pieces that make it particularly eye-catching. This one is also strongly fragrant.

I prepared this using water brought to a full boil and infused the blend for 5-6 min. Due to the contributions from the various ingredients, this brewed up to a color similar to what you would expect if the tea base was a red rooibos. However, this actually contains green rooibos. Red and green rooibos actually taste nothing alike. Green rooibos tastes more like a mild green tea in my opinion, so if you hate red rooibos there is no reason to assume that you will not like it's green cousin. In fact, the green rooibos is pretty much totally dominated the rather full blueberry flavor profile. The blueberry flavor doesn't necessarily taste natural, but it does taste more authentic than a great number of other blueberry blends. This is in large part due to the natural sweetness and tartness that accompanies every sip. As a hot drink, this is not one that I would probably not reach for with any regularity, but I did find that it was much more enjoyable iced. In fact, it is downright tasty when iced. My current favorite blueberry rooibos blend has this yummy blueberry muffin thing going on and this is no replacement for that. But that rooibos isn't as good for blending as this one is. Therefore, I will be buying this again as I have found no other blueberry rooibos that mixes so deliciously with my Earl Grey/Creme Earl Grey. This one is worth consideration for those that love blueberry teas and are looking for something a little different.

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One Response to “Review: Teavana Blueberry Bliss”

  1. Christina Says:

    I think that this tea tastes very artificial….. almonst like an unliked childhood medicine!!

    Still have to try cold but definitely not great hot!!
    I am usually a blueberry lover too!!

    My Rating: 3/10

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