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Its OK"A smooth chai that has a really light spice load."
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bourgeteamasalachaiBeautiful sunny day with that nip of chill reminding me that fall is on its way. What a perfect day for the warming spices in chai. My sample of the day is a Masala Chai from BourgeaTea. This is a company that was started by a college student who not being happy with the tea offering available decided to start his own company and show other college students the wonders of tea. I have tried a couple of the teas from this company already and have been pleased. I also wanted to give this company kudos for updating their website. I had mentioned in an earlier review how I enjoyed the tea but didn’t want to deal with the website. Well almost everything that I had mentioned has been fixed and their website is now very user friendly. The only thing missing now is steeping suggestions which I would love to see added.

Now onto the tea… This is a pretty blend with whole Ceylon leaves loaded with spices. I am able to pick out the whole cloves, chunks of ginger, what looks to be cinnamon bark, and cardamom seeds. The dry nose is predominantly cinnamon and clove. With no steeping suggestions I went with my standard chai preparations which is four teaspoons tea, a black temp setting and a steep time of 3 ½ minutes. It brewed up to a liquor of a rich golden brown and an aroma that is lightly scented of cinnamon, cardamom and a twinge of clove.

Now being a firm believer that any chai should be able to stand up to the additions of sweetener and cream, I made up my cup using rock sugar and half-n-half. The resulting cup is very smooth but just doesn’t have the kick that I look for in a chai. I am able to pick up a bit of the cinnamon but the rest of the spices have faded under the additions. It is still an enjoyable cup but in a blind taste test I would have no idea that it is a masala chai. I do find this rather surprising considering the amount of spices visible in the dry tea. I did make up a second batch letting it steep for 5 minutes but I still find the spice load to be lighter then I care for.

I do think that people that enjoy a much lighter spice load in their chai or drink it without the additions would be pleased with this offering. It is just not one that I would stock as I really miss the kick of the spices. Mileage will vary depending on your tastes and I do recommend giving this one a try if you prefer a lighter chai.

— To purchase BourgeaTEA Masala Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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