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Thumbs up!"a rich and spicy blend that really allows each of the seemingly endless ingredients to contribute to the overall flavor profile. "
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Here in Miami, we've been enduring almost 3 days on constant rain, and after returning home soaking wet from running errands and feeling just a bit chilled from being wet, I decided I needed a nice hot cup of tea. I sifted through my sample basket until I reached's Celebrate, at which point I knew immediately that this was the perfect tea for the moment. This tea is described as "seductive and satisfying" and consists of black tea, orange peel, rose petals, apple, almond, cornflower, cinnamon, papaya, peach, cranberry, rosehips, and natural flavoring. There certainly seems like there is quite a bit going on with this ingredients list, but I like just about everything on the list, so I was excited to try it out. What was very impressive about this tea was the generous sizes of the fruit pieces in the blend, and furthermore, that the fruits and flowers were easily at least 50% of this blend's volume. Large pipeces of apples, orange peels, and papaya readily stuck out amongst a colorful backdrop of various flower petals. I brewed this tea using a two minute infusion, as recommended by MyUrbanTea. This is a rich and spicy blend that really allows each of the seemingly endless ingredients to contribute to the overall flavor profile. Most prominent among the flavors are the cinnamon, apple, and oranges, with the cinnamon having the most lasting effect, in the form of a spicy zing in the aftertate. But there is no doubt that other ingredients make their mark; the sweetness of the peaches and papaya help to smooth out the cinnamon's strength, and the flowers add a subtle floral backdrop to the tea. The black tea base, which I am guessing must be Ceylon, is fairly light in both body and flavor, thereby serving as a good foundation for the multitude of flavors present in this blend. states that this tea is delicious both hot and iced, and while I did enjoy it both ways, I found the blend worked better when served hot. I particularly see this tea being popular in the autumn and winter seasons.
As a last note, this tea is perhaps a little pricier than your average black tea blend, but this one is, in my opinion, well-crafted and the quality of the tea warrants the higher price

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