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Thumbs up!"One could - and is encouraged to - sweeten this with actual honey for added effect."
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Of all the different honeybush "teas" I've tried, one would think they'd all be the same. The truth is far more hairy. Depending on the cut, sourcing, age, or packaging, the aromatic and flavor palate can be significantly altered. I had high hopes for LeafSpa's Organic Honeybush because it Generally, those taste better. Honest truth. Something about improved growing practices does enhance the flavor. It's not just a hippie myth. Patchouli smelling good? That's a hippie myth.

The color scheme for this was lovely, resembling its cousin - red rooibos - in its maroons and browns. The true treat was in the aroma, which per its namesake was like honey. Well, more like honeynut. A certain bee-whored cereal comes to mind. All that said, it was one of the finer smelling loose leaf honeybush tisanes I've come across; on dry batch alone.

Brewing instructions called for a five-minute steep in 205F water. No figures for measurement, but I suppose LeafSpa left that up to individual preference. I went with a little over a teaspoon in 8oz of boiled water, steeped for five.

This actually brewed far lighter than rooibos or some other honeybushes for that matter. The liquor was amber-to-red - a shy darker than unfermented honeybush. The honeynut aroma was there if slightly faint behind a floral ring. Taste-wise, it more than lived up to its usual promise, but with a bit more of an herbal nuance. One could - and is encouraged to - sweeten this with actual honey for added effect.

One recommendation, though - steep for a full six minutes. The lighter liquor I experienced the first time out is not indicative of how far superior this can be. It darkens and sweetens more, the longer you steep it for. I've experimented with as much as an eight-minute steep to some degree of success. And trust me on the addition of honey.

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