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Thumbs up!"Normally I don't prefer "gimmicky" tea devices, but in some ways this really makes sense."
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ineekatealogIneeka has gotten quite a bit of recognition, including winning a NASFT Product Award for their intriguing packaging design that steeps loose leaf tea in its own, open container. They use the term Brew-Taché, and it's similar to a tea sachet in portability, but it gives tea as much room to expand as your average mesh filter. Gimmicky, perhaps, but also really cool. The first thing I noticed when I received my sample is that the Tachés are very compact. They open up to offer plenty of room for leaf growth, but they take up little space when folded. It's a clever design and while it may not be entirely necessarily, it is in some ways quite practical.

This tea itself is a Darjeeling with calendula petals. Once I open the top of my tea brewer, I see the leaves are somewhat choppy and broken. It takes me a bit to figure out how it works, but once I finally do, it's apparently the tea has ample room to expand. Unfortunately, the bag doesn't sit very far down in the water, so the tea can't actually take full advantage of all the space.

After 4 minutes in ~190° water, the leaves have expanded to fill what part of the infuser is submerged. The scent is faint and, for lack of a better word, somewhat clinical. As in it reminds me of how a hospital smells. It's not the most flattering way to put it, but I should clarify that the smell isn't off-putting, though I'm not in love. The flavour is smooth, trending towards a less muscatel, more first flush flavour profile. It is somewhat floral and bitter, dry with the distinct taste of grapefruit. I try a 6-minute second steep and get a cup that is mostly floral with little tea. It isn't a bad second cup, but I probably wouldn't resteep it again.

Normally I don't prefer "gimmicky" tea devices, but in some ways this really makes sense. Besides, it looks great and makes for an interesting point of discussion when used in public. If you enjoy trying out new tea toys, go ahead. The cost isn't unreasonable, and the tea is good enough you don't have to settle for a nifty infuser - you get a good cup, too. It isn't amazing, but it's good enough.

— To purchase Ineeka Darjeeling Elevation, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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