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Thumbs up!"The fragrant fight gave it an overall scent of tangerines, mint, and candied apples."
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Red Leaf Tea has the most extensive list of Earl Grey permutations of any tea company I've yet come across. I would say I've only tried about half, but I could be wrong on that. Now, I'm dipping into their herbal Earls (Earlbals? HerbEarls?). I already tried their Rooibos Earl Grey to relatively positive effect, it was time for the honeybush variant. The smell alone indicated I was in for something different. Put simply, it was like smelling a sliced orange dipped in honey. The bergamot tried its darnedest to mask the natural sweet and creamy honeybush base but inevitably failed.

Brewing called for 1 tsp for every 6oz of water, infused in boiled water for five-to-seven minutes. I felt like a slightly larger cup was needed to get a good feel for it, so I went with 8 ounces, 1 tbsn of herb per cup, and a middle-road six-minute steep.

I was surprised how darkly this brewed, a robust cherry color more in line with a bold Assam. For a second, this looked like a real Earl Grey until I sniffed the mouthpiece. The steam wafting from the top "wreaked" of a deathmatch between the natural honey aspects and the added rind flavoring. The fragrant fight gave it an overall scent of tangerines, mint, and candied apples. Taste-wise, it was a little more subdued in its presentation; a balance or truce between the two elements. In summary, a far superior faux-Earl to the similar rooibos substitute - an exquisitely British nightcap.

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