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Thumbs up!"Don't be confused by the name as this tea is a lighter black tea with a delightful taste perfect for late afternoons or early evenings. "
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Another beautiful sunny day. I just love it when the Pacific Northwest is blessed with Indian Summer even though ours is rather strange this year. When I think of Indian Summer, I expect a week or more of warm sunny weather but not here. Instead we get cold rainy days interspersed with warm summery days. It does make for some great tea drinking though.

My sample this morning is rather confusing. I grabbed it due to its name. What better for a day like this than a tea called Summer Sunrise. It's when I jumped on the website to get brewing instructions that things get confusing. In reading the description, it states that this tea is a very trendy finale to the perfect dinner. I don't eat dinner at sunrise or at sunset during the summer for that matter. Aw well, we shall see.

This is a pretty tea with leaves that are wider then the norm for black teas and ranging in color from a lighter brown to an espresso. There are marigold leaves added to brighten up the blend. The actual ingredients consist of tea, basil, lemon granules, flavoring, and marigold blossoms. The dry aroma is one of tea, and light basil.

I brewed up a very rounded tablespoon of tea, a temp setting for black tea and a steep time of 3 minutes. The resulting liquor is a lighter golden brown. The wet aroma is one of lemon basil. Rather pleasing.

Now I have never had basil in a tea so this is a new experience. The taste I have to admit is delightful. Like the aroma I am able to pick up basil, lemon and underlying it all is a very smooth black tea. There is no astringency to speak of. After each sip is a lingering aftertaste of lemon that helps to clear the palate for the next taste. This is definitely a lighter black tea. Not one that I would use the word sunrise in as I am sure that others also would expect more of a breakfast style tea.

Would I stock in my personal stash is the real question. I rather think that I would. This tea would make for a nice change of pace from my golden monkey for an afternoon black tea. Check it out. I am sure that you will be pleased.

— To purchase Joy’s Teaspoon Summer Sunrise, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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