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Thumbs up!"Strong, Rich, and Black (totally not a Samuel L. Jackson joke)"
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I couldn't find a better way of titling this missive, Boston Harbour tea is Packaged by Davison, Newman & Co., but distributed in the US by Mark T. Wendell. As a quick primer for finding the best retailers link for this tea I skimmed Geoff's review and found a few points of difference. The differences probably won't surprise him, or any of our readers, as we have clearly differing pallets. Unlike Geoff I found this blend invigorating, rich, and compelling.

He was right about the CTC (I opened the bag, so sue me. Actually, please don't sue me I'm currently unemployed... Money for a vet... I'm not really a vet...), the blend is a mid grade Assam, possibly with a later flush black Darjeeling in the mix (as they advertise it) but to me it immediately brings up thoughts of Scottish and Irish breakfast blends, the rich smoking blackness that you grasp like an item of faith in those few brutal, painful, agonizing early moments of consciousness. If you like Nolly Prat in your Martini, dry redness in your wineglass, and firm stinky cheeses on your plate then this blend might be for you. My only real complaint is that it comes in a bagged form, truth be told I'd buy tins of loose leaf despite the quip about "Supplying" tea for the Boston tea party on the label.

Visit Mark T. Wendell Teas for more information on this tea and many more from their extensive product catalogue.

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