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Thumbs up!" Along with the expected dryness, somewhat imparted by the rind-scenting, was a smooth beverage with a malty character."
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Sticking to a routine on one's day off is quite challenging. First, there's an urge to sleep in; an urge I succumb to every time. Second, the issue of keeping to a schedule emerges; I usually don't. Part of that routine - at least lately - has been to get a tea write-up out of the way first thing. My morning "cuppa" is the tea I review first thing. On days off...that doesn't happen 'til around noon. Not a usual time to be reviewing an Earl Grey, but a Citrus Earl Grey seemed...well...afternoon-y - which is why I didn't feel guilty about it with this Red Leaf Tea option.

The first thing that hit me when I whiffed the bag was the fragrance. It wasn't the usual dry, sour bergamot beatdown (which I like) but more akin to orange peel. Ingredients for this blend included the required black tea base, blue mallow blossoms, bergamot and citrus flavor. I didn't see any blue mallow, though, and wondered if that was a typo.

Brewing was pretty standard for an Earl; 1 tsp in 6oz of boiled water for three-to-five minutes. I never understood the 6oz bit. Most of my cup sizes are 8. No matter. I went a tablespoon instead for three minutes.

Even brewed on the lighter side of the instructions, this infused to a full-bodied copper. Steam from the cup let off a bit of its bergamot, but the other (sweeter) citrus flavor fragrance dominated. A trait that also carried over to the taste. Along with the expected dryness, somewhat imparted by the rind-scenting, was a smooth beverage with a malty character. The bodied black tea base actually had a chance to shine. I wish I knew what it was a blend of. If I were a sommelier on the subject, I'd say Keemun and Assam due to depth. Whatever the blend, it held its own against the dueling citruses. For all accounts, a morning Earl. Although, I had it in the afternoon.

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