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Thumbs up!"Gotta love a tea that gives you a full-bodied response. This was such a time...and that was after an "improper" brew-up."
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JING should be appreciated for one thing, and that is their "Puer" section. In parentheses they list the different ways to spell it. I had it drilled into my head via other more experienced teaterati that the correct (i.e. pinyin) way is "puer"; no hyphen, no "H". However, others use different variances. I happened to like the hyphen, but I try to be as "proper" as I can. At least JING realizes that it's a syntax issue that won't be solved overnight by showing the alternates. Bravo.

These raw tuocha bowls were - what I gathered - the smaller kind, given the "mini" pre-label. They certainly looked smaller, but still possessed the lovely earth-and-fruit aroma of a good aged puer. JING mentioned that the dry aroma is "straw-like", but I didn't get that impression. Rather, I thought it seemed rather sweet and wilderness-y - like smelling the leaves of a blackberry bush on the side of a freeway.

Brewing instructions called for near-boiled water and successive steeps of thirty-to-sixty seconds. Since I had three such mini-cakes to play with, the first time 'round I brewed it as I would any tea on the go. I took one cake, plopped it in a do-it-yourself teabag, grabbed a 16oz cup of hot (190F) water, and steeped it for four-minutes-thirty. actually turned into more like five minutes. I got distracted with a task. Moving along, though.

The infused liquid brewed to a very vibrant gold. The steamed aroma was a lovely shade of flowery, herbaceous, and lightly sweet. Taste-wise, it had lemon, apricot (like JING touted), and apple notes with a woody center. I reared my head back and crooned silently. Gotta love a tea that gives you a full-bodied response. This was such a time...and that was after an "improper" brew-up. Major kudos all around to this for being the naturally sweetest puer I've ever tried. And that's using both definitions of the word "sweet!"

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