Review: Darjeeling Tea Exclusive Muscatel FTGFOP1, Castleton Second Flush 2010

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Thumbs up!"This tea is well worth a try for it's round, creamy feel, rich toasted bread notes, and exceptionally sweet profile."
Sophie’s Teaview: 8.8/10
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As one might expect, this company specializes in teas from the Darjeeling region. The husband and wife team focus on offerings that are organic and fair trade, although it's not clear to me if this particular tea is either. Finely twisted and wiry-looking, the leaves almost seem charged with energy. Their colouring is quite captivating, ranging from pale gold to dark espresso. The aroma is a mixture of freshly mowed lawn and caramel. Oddly these two scents sometimes combine into an elusive muscatel perfume.

I brewed the tea using a teaspoon of leaves steeped in water heated to 95 degrees Celsius for the recommended 3 minutes. The fragrance of the brick red cup is surprisingly sweet, biscuity and malty. Indeed, to the taste vibrant malt and toasted bread notes are at the fore. The finish that follows is sweet and full of the promised muscatel notes. The mouth feel is slightly oily, lending a rich, decadent quality to the cup. There is a slight dry kick, but nothing so pronounced that it would adversely impact the flavour profile. If anything, it just enhances the initial impression of creamy smoothness. This tea is stout enough to take milk and sugar. However it's so sweet and creamy on it's own, I couldn't bring myself to alter it in any way!

I steeped the leaves again for 4 and a half minutes. Muscatel notes are still plentiful at this stage. The overall profile is daintier but quite pleasant nonetheless, with undertones of vanilla and apricot. Despite the longer steep time, there is no bitterness coming from the leaves. The dryness mentioned earlier is still present, but kept in check by the overarching sweet, fruity notes.

It's not the most intensely muscatel-flavoured Darjeeling out there but it does satisfy in that regard. My biggest disappointment was with the packaging of my sample, which was not airtight whatsoever. I can scarcely imagine how good this tea would be, had it been better preserved! Otherwise, this tea is well worth a try for it's round, creamy feel, rich toasted bread notes, and exceptionally sweet profile.

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One Response to “Review: Darjeeling Tea Exclusive Muscatel FTGFOP1, Castleton Second Flush 2010”

  1. Niraj Lama Says:

    We are pleased and very thankful for the positive reviews of our teas. Indeed what makes Darjeeling tea so good, is all the back-breaking work that tea laborers here put into making them. All credit goes to them.
    Two reviewers have raised the issue of our sample bags not being air-tight. We appreciate your concern, and we will try to send in our teas next time sealed. The normal practice among local Darjeeling retailers is to hand out foil-lined stapled pouches, which we think might be more environmentally safer.
    However, to our customers we do send out tea more securely packaged.
    Best Regards,
    Niraj Lama

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