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Thumbs up!"I want to invent a new fragrant note called "buttermint", thanks to its scent."
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I've only tried one other green tea with this name, and I didn't favor it. However, I often run into different teas that have the same name. Passing judgment based on title alone is no way to review. Mark T. Wendell were a likely company to have a favorable outcome for a mist-shrouded green tea. By smell alone, things were looking good.

As with the other one I tried, this green tea derives its name from the Wu Lu Mountains where it is grown. Said location is prone to heavy misting, which affects the outcome of the the leaf color, shading, taste. Or something like that. The aroma was similar to the nut-grassy aspects of a Japanese green, but not a lesser one like genmaicha. This was more of a chestnut smell with a berry hint of some sort. Just in time for Festivus.

Brewing instructions recommended on the MTW site called for a two-to-three-minute steep in 170-180F water. Measurements weren't specified, but they probably assumed we - the humble drinkers - were smart enough to figure out what a "teaspoon" and "cup" were. I went with 1tsp in 8oz. The usual.

After three minutes, the infusion colored to a pale yellow-green - not bad for high altitude. The steam aroma was all almond and cream with an usual bite at the end. I want to invent a new fragrant note called "buttermint", thanks to its scent. That same creaminess also transitioned to the taste. One feels like their tongue is encountering butter first, followed by liquid nut. Okay, those are both technically the same, but imagine for a moment that an almond was liquefied without being peanut butter. In summary, a delightfully rich and textured green tea.

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