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Thumbs up!"In the middle, I thought I detected something similar to jasmine or osthmanthus - floral but buttery."
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According to Canton Tea Co.'s tea school section of their site, Dan Cong isn't just a type of oolong but also a varietal of tea leaf. It differs from other cultivars with the way it grows, as a single trunk instead of a bush; the name "Dan Cong" means "single trunk". Leaves for this oolong are revered for their ability to grab flavor profiles from neighboring flowers.The best tea leaves are harvested in the spring. Lower quality Dan Congs are harvested in the winter. Canton's Yu Lan Dan Cong happens to fall in the latter category.

The leafy presentation for this was definitely unusual, as was the scent. Long, rust-green pieces had an aroma similar to bergamot rind, but a closer whiff revealed something more floral - like its namesake. I wondered if the note was true about the leaves grabbing hold of flavors. Maybe this grew close to magnolia blossoms? Only one way to find out...

Canton Tea Co. noted that this was a touchy tea to brew. The tea school instructions called for 203F water and multiple steeps. The actual tea profile was more forgiving with a 194F steep for two minutes, or as I like to call them, "mug directions". I went with about a tablespoon of leaves.

The liquor infused to a pale gold. Steam from the mouthpiece was all oolong. I could smell the semi-ferment, which lent a vegetal astringent nose. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of oolong noses. The taste, however, was much smoother and cleaner. Creaminess was detectable on the forefront, giving the cup a good initial texture. In the middle, I thought I detected something similar to jasmine or osthmanthus - floral but buttery. Aftertaste had something fruit-like with a chalkboard chaser. For the most part, a decent cup but not my favorite. I'm sure results may have been different with a gaiwan, yet I'm currently without one. With what I did have, the results were mostly positive. The flavor profile was definitely different. For an oolong.

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