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Thumbs up!"It was a quintessential green tea, but on the good side."
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Zhejiang is a province situated on China's eastern coast. The capital - and largest city - is Hanzhou, birthplace for Longjing green tea. Mark T. Wendell's Triple Cup Green also hails from this province, although its character is far different than the delicate Dragon Well. Where the more famous of the two has a light, buttery character that yields a subtle cup, by smell alone I could tell the Triple Cup was a different creature altogether.

The aroma was a hybrid of cooked vegetables and salted almonds, quite a feat for tiny-twisted leaves. Something about the combination also indicated there might be a creamy texture on taste, but not a buttery profile like its Dragon-y kin. Is it wrong to say I wanted to salt these leaves and eat 'em raw? Probably...

Standard brewing for a green tea on the MTW site called for a two-to-three-minute steep in 170F-180F water. Since I already knew by the tea profile that this would be stronger than normal, I opted for a lighter steep; 1 heaping teaspoon in 8oz of 170F water for two-and-a-half minutes.

This actually infused lighter than I expected, resulting in a pale green cup fairly similar to a Longjing after all. The steam smelled of flowers, grass, and butter - also like a Longjing. Perhaps my assessment was wrong. The taste definitely differed from Dragon Well by its initial spinachy delivery, but that settled into a creamy-nut cup after a good swish in the mouth. I longed for a fruit note or two, but that never surfaced. It was a quintessential green tea, but on the good side.

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