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Thumbs up!"The infusion resembled a rose-laden white tea in palette. As for the other "palate", all I can say is I got what was promised from the title."
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The combination of strawberry and kiwi fruit is a poetic one. I first learned how delectable it could be in the form of frozen yogurt. In Southern California of all places. Strawberries already held my biased sway, but I had no idea that kiwi danced so well with it. The opportunity to find it in tea form never came to pass...until now. It's in obscure flavor combinations like this where The NecessiTeas shines.

Ingredients for this are apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehips, kiwi, strawberry and natural flavors. Two years ago, it was revealed by a tea industry "inside man" that fruit pieces don't steep well - even sun-dried and freeze-dried ones. I tested this on a few combinations myself, and aside from a successfully subtle strawberry vanilla white tea, I agree. Loud botanical blends with fruit pieces require an extra kick to make the flavor more pronounced. That's where the use of flavoring agents come into play, preferably natural ones.

Right off the bat I can say it lived up to its promise in perfume. The fragrance was all strawberry sweetness with a tropical fruit edge. The appearance was like trail mix and candy. I think I even spotted a green shard of Gummi Bear in there; doubtful, but it certainly looked like one.

Brewing instructions on the package called for 1 1/2 teaspoons in 8oz of boiling water steeped for five minutes. I read the teaspoon-age as a tablespoon-worth, so that's what I went with. The rest I obeyed to the letter.

Since there was some hibiscus in the mix, I thought that this would infuse darkly. Instead it lent a light pink liquor with a faint fruit-sweet nose without the tartness. In fact, light was an understatement. The infusion resembled a rose-laden white tea in palette. As for the other "palate", all I can say is I got what was promised from the title. It tasted like strawberry-kiwi. If anything, I was disappointed with how light it turned out. With a "natural flavors" dub - and given The NecessiTeas' other blends - I expected something louder and bolder. That isn't to say it wasn't good; oh my, yes it was! I guess my expectations were a bit high. But its hard for anything to live up to frozen yogurt.

— To purchase The NecessiTeas Strawberry Kiwi, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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