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Thumbs up!"I would be lying if I said this wasn't the most darling way to package a dessert tea ever."
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Ingredients for this blend were numerous and mind-numbing; black tea, organic cacao shells, roasted coconut flakes, rose buds, chocolate chips, (sugar, cacao powder, soy lecithin), rose petals, natural hazelnut flavor, and other natural flavors. Wait, what? Soy? Why should a tea contain soy?!

From what I've been told, soy lecithin (or lethicin, depending on the packaging) is used as a binder for smaller - more granular - elements in tea. For example, some acai berry blends use soy lecithin for binding the fruit powder. No actual acai fruit are in those blends, rather an extracted dry form. It's the same for some dessert blends that contain sugar or cinnamon. The problem is I'm allergic to soy lecithin...and most of these blends are delicious. For the sake of this review, though, I forwent my sensitivity. Oh, the things I do for my "craft"!

Tea Forte has a unique (and unusual) way of packaging their pyramid sachets. Each individual net is wrapped in a cardboard pyramid container with a little paper leaf sticking out. That leaf also acts as the end of the string for the net sachet. I would be lying if I said this wasn't the most darling way to package a dessert tea ever.

The tea profile recommended a steep of three-to-five minutes in 208°F water. I wasn't sure what temperature of hot water I used. I was on the go when I steeped this and got a 16oz cup from a coffee shop next door to my work. I figured it was probably 190F at least, so I allowed the pyramid steep for five minutes.

The infusion colored to a murky, chocolate-like brown with a dry but creamy nose. The aroma reminded me - for some reason - of chocolate colored taffy - cocoa-rich but not in the milky sense. I could detect some black tea astringency on the nostrils. On taste was where the "truffle" aspects came to the forefront. First impression on initial tonguedown was the hazelnut, followed by a creamy presence, and trailed behind by a floral-sweet melange. Along with that, the robust chocolate aspects acted as a flavor supervisor of sorts; its aura felt everywhere.

It wasn't hard to see why this was in their gourmet tea section. This is a tea someone has paired with a dessert, and I'm not one who thinks food needs to be paired with anything. I believe it could take sweetener well, but given that it already has sugar, nowhere near necessary. I only wish I had more bags of this so I could latte it. Totally worth risking an allergy for.

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