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Its OK"Essentially a good lullaby mint tea. Soft and smooth, gentle mint, not biting or rousing; a good relaxing minty tea. "
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ineekatealogIneeka presents their therapeutic line of teas is a most fanciful way. There are sliding open tea tins, well decorated, yet identifiable, and useful once the tea within is gone. The tea was presented in bag form with cardboard fold outs to latch about the edge of the cup, making removal of the tea bags easy and mess free. Altogether, the presentation of the company and the tea deserves applause. This particular brew was to have organic peppermint to create a tummy friendly tea that wakes the sense and arouses a bit more awareness in the drinker's mind.

I brewed this blend for two, three and four minutes successively at about 90.5 ?C. The brews were all sunflower yellow with a light and slightly sweet aroma that was drawn up by the evaporation of the tea. I was truly expecting this tea to kick me in the mouth with a burst of mint and refreshing, sinus opening flavours and chemistry. Instead, I found a lullaby of minty flavour that was gentle, humble and meek, not at all a violent mint tea. The ferocious lion that I had assumed turned out to be not but a mere kitten, but this, in turn, shocked me, so had that shock value in the end after all.

Now, I am not saying that lullaby mint is better or worse than vicious mint, they are relatives, and relatives are supposed to be different. There are, however, relatives of our own families that we enjoy spending more time with than others, and such is the case with lullaby and vicious, I prefer vicious, especially when I read, "Exhilaration," but I do not mind the subtle sweet hum of the lullaby once in a while, and when I am expecting such a thing, of course.

— To purchase Ineeka Mint Exhilaration, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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