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Thumbs up!" I can't say enough how well the vanilla comes through - any vanilla lover will be hooked right away!!"
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Friday Afternoon Tea company is another new tea company to me and I have some nice samples to try from them. I decided to start with a combination of favorites and sample a beautiful ceylon black tea flavored with vanilla. It's a long time since I've tried a ceylon black and I'm immediately attracted to the sight of the beautiful long leaves with their surprisingly black color and the pretty twist to their slender form. The scent of this flavored tea is absolutely fantastic. The vanilla is so creamy it's nearly caramel in the nose and has a lustrousness to it, essentially palpable! What I wonder is whether the taste will be able to compare to the heady fragrance.

I was making a pot of this tea for breakfast (of all things...the scent is more something I'd recommend having in the afternoon or evening, but my first cup of this tea came at breakfast) and I used a heaped tablespoon of tea to a 24 ounce infuser pot, steeping the leaf for four minutes with boiled water. The brew comes to a nice copper color and the scent is full and wonderfully fragrant with vanilla and creamy caramel notes.

The vanilla flavor in this tea is basically perfect, in my book. It makes for a tasty, creamy, somewhat caramel-esque goodness to a simple ceylon base that also seems of good quality. This is the most vanilla forward tasting of any vanilla black tea I've sampled - seems that often a black tea can overwhelm vanilla but this one brings a real smile of content to my face. The vanilla is so predominant that the tea needs no sweetener added unless you like to. It stands on its own. I can't say enough how well the vanilla comes through - any vanilla lover will be hooked right away I think. I'd certainly be surprised if they weren't. The good creamy taste of the vanilla and the well chosen ceylon backdrop make for a pleasing combination that could easily be paired with a variety of desserts, enjoyed all by itself in lieu of dessert or just savored as a pleasant afternoon cup of tea. Heck, it even makes a good breakfast tea! I can also vouch that sweetening this tea just a bit sort of skyrockets the flavor into an intensely dessert like experience. I can highly recommend it that way, too!

Well recommended especially for those who are looking for a good vanilla black. It's the best I've tried, hands down.

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