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Thumbs up!"The air of mystery evoked by the calico coloured leaves unfolds with as much interest in the cup with a spicy sweetness to the muscatel scent and a toothsome toastiness to the tea's glide."
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Welcoming in the New Year, as an ode to Auld Lang Syne, it seems a fabulous time to re-visit the classics. Quite fittingly a 2nd Flush Darjeeling has a long tradition from many years lived before while its sweet welcome has the makings to start one off right to the possibilities of a new year ahead. With Darjeeling in mind, Canton Tea Company doesn’t immediately spring up as a first choice after having many of their Chinese teas but to duly prepare for a whole year of sipping, their great variety of fabulous teas, offers the opportunity to order several teas at once. Plus, what is even more appropriate to behold the new year's wishes than a Darjeeling from Margaret’s Hope? Apart from the hope, spring harvested tea from the well known estate would seem as bright as could be to set the new year's style.
Looking at the tea, the choice was wise. Immediately, the tea‘s leaves are endearing, as if a mix foretelling all of the wonders a new year can bring. The cut and whole leaves and stems from their contrasting colours of dark walnut hues with flickers of dark copper open billowing leaves. Satiny finish Quaint and interesting. The flicker of flame comes forth in the medium aroma, it has a lovely brightness singing of spicy muscatel, citrusy bergamot and floral. Such vibrant intensity is truly fitting to awaken the new year with the lessons of the past from its sandalwood, incense kind of vigor.
Caught in wonder as I measure out the leaves, trying to soak in their prophecies, the ball was set to drop with one heaped teaspoon of leaves at 84°C for two minutes and 160 milliliters of water. The light to medium brew is a light pinkish brown, blushed with excitement from a stable terrain. The light to medium scent has sass, sweet with bergamot, spiced with clove and nutmeg above a background of toastiness. The promise flourishes in the cup, as the tea’s flavour seems to trace the year ahead, carrying one through the length of each sip with substance, infused with flickers of spice from the aroma . The taste seems a bit light, yet lovely, guided by a mix of raisin bread and candied citrus peel, like hot cross buns. The medium body isn’t bitter or astringent, pleasing with a round, clean finish that leaves a slight sensation of tannins on one’s teeth and a light aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.
Dropping the ball one more time for a second brew, keeps one’s interest with a light brown cup. Less aromatic than the first but still enamouring with an incense like spicy muscatel bouquet. The taste remains complete, a bit more mineral and not quite as sweet. Despite a light dryness, the cushioned finish has an engaging feel with a light finish of cloves and slate that seems more telling than in the first cup.
A third infusion of the leaves is even darker, still blushed peach in its tan hue. Although the scent fades some, there is still some citrus notes to amuse while the drier body retains a satisfying completeness with a spicy flavour.
Much like the new year to come, Canton Tea Company’s 2nd Flush Darjeeling has an air of mystery with its calico coloured leaves and engaging complexity. The sweet muscatel flavours with a enough toothsome toast would seem a wonderful way to cheers 2011 any time of day.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Margaret’s Hope Silver Moon, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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