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Thumbs up!" The taste was pleasant enough with a grape-ish lean on the front and middle and only a mild creamy/vegetal finish."
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According to the Silk Road Teas profile for this green, Tongyu Mountain (or Shan) is located in the northern Fujian Province. But as another reviewer pointed out, an attempt to locate said mountain (or mountain range) turns up nothing. Attempts to locate specific mountains in Fujian province turned up Wuyi only; the famous "birthplace" for oolong tea. An attempt to locate other vendors with a Tongyu Shan Green also turned up similar stories to Silk Roads'. At the end of the tiny inquiry, I gave up and went about sniffing the bag instead.

The aroma for these small, twisty green leaves was quite unusual. I whiffed an impression of salt, butter, and spinach and somehow they seemed to combine well. The fragrance was quite similar to a Clouds & Mist green - the buttery, high-altitude hit-or-miss export from Jiangxi Pronvice. Something told me that this would be touchy.

Brewing instructions agreed with that assessment. Silk Road recommended a brewing temp/time of 175F-185F water and a two-to-three-minute steep. I certainly didn't disagree with that recommendation. I lightened the time and went heavy with the temp - 1 rounded teaspoon and an 8oz cup of 185F water for two minutes..

The liquor infused to a paler green than I expected. Not that I was expecting sencha-level foggy forest green or anything, but this was shocking considering the depth of color to the leaves. The scent was buttery and grassy, what I expected given the dry smell. The taste was pleasant enough with a grape-ish lean on the front and middle and only a mild creamy/vegetal finish. Character-wise, I would compare it to a post-rain Longjing. Quite good for a mid-afternoon sip...which - coincidentally - was when I had it.

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