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Its OK"The taste only echoed the vegetal scent a little on the front, but a smoother character took over for the rest of the swig."
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TeaVert mentions that for well over four dynasties in China, there were teas dubbed "Tribute Teas" that were used only for royal tastes. So prized were these teas that growers could even use them as tax payments. Tribute Teas that didn't meet the standards of the Emperor were passed along to lower-standing officials, who - then - sold it off illegally. Tribute Teas might be the ancestral nickname for the "China Famous Tea" list, of which Mao Feng is a part of.

Mao Feng isn't really a type of leaf, but rather a designation given to teas plucked and prepared using leaves and buds of the same length. There even exists a Keemun Mao Feng. The green tea version is plucked in early spring, and - depending on the weather conditions - batches may differ. TeaVert was right about the aroma, the twisty leaves gave off a rather sweet scent - requisite in their creaminess, too. The look of 'em also threw me; they were dark green bordering on brown, like a first flush pekoe.

Brewing instructions on the site recommended a steep of three minutes in 185F-195F water. This seemed a bit high to me, but given the dark color of the leaves, I was willing to try it their way. I went with 1 rounded teaspoon in 8oz of 185F for three.

The liquor infused to a dazzling bright (if pale) green, one of the more impressive colorings I've run into in awhile. The steam, though, smelled of cooked vegetables, which was a mild turn-off. I thought perhaps the brew temp was a bit much. The taste only echoed the vegetal scent a little on the front, but a smoother character took over for the rest of the swig. I can't say I beheld a fruit note either in the middle or in the finish. It...well...tasted like green tea. Can't say I have much more to add besides that.

— To purchase TeaVert Mao Feng Green, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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