Review: Golden Tips Tea Arya Tea, Second Flush 2010 (Organic)

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In Sanskrit (or "really-old-Indian-language" to ye Laymans out there), "arya" means "noble". At first, it was used to denote those who followed the Devas (or "really-old-Indian writings") specifically, but also was used in Jainism, Buddhism and showed up in Iranian literature. In fact, the word "Iran" may be a derivative (or enthonym) of "arya". The word also has roots as a name for an old racial category...which we won't get into here.

I was confused at first with this Arya estate second flush. When I opened the package, the leaves were bold, forest green with a buttery/grassy scent to boot. I found out after reading the description on the Golden Tips page that it was - in fact - a green tea. A little mention of that in the tea name itself would've dispelled any such confusion. Besides that, I'm actually quite a fan of Arya's green teas. I've had two - their Elixir and Emerald - the latter of which was my favorite. They took to a steep well without spinaching, unlike some Chinese greens. In that, they were like their Indian white tea cousins.

Brewing instructions were...well...complicated. Funny that this was the first time I noticed that Golden Tips actually DID have brewing instructions for their teas; after I thought they didn't for so long. Silly me. I already had an approach I used for Darjeeling greens that worked, though. 1 tsp of leaves in 8oz of 170F water for three minutes.

The liquor brewed to a lovely, pale but foggy yellow. The appearance and aroma reminded me - oddly enough - of Chinese sencha. I sniffed butter, maple, and a vegetal note that gave me that impression. To the taste, it was actually fuller than the other two Arya greens I've had. The forefront was grassy but transitioned to a nutty kick and a fruity finish. In short, the most impressive Darjeeling green I've come across. Like drinking in greener pastures.

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