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Thumbs up!"I'm highly impressed and definitely could have written a more concise review. That one would have read as follows: "Mmmm. Oh my gosh, this is just SO good!""
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I am sometimes torn when first approaching tea samples about which aspect of the sensory experience to write about first. The leaf is often stunningly beautiful, the scents are often simply incredible, and more often than not, at least in the teas I am fortunate enough to be exposed to, the two credits combine. Then the conundrum is which to note first in a review setting. In this case, it's really easy to say that the smell of the blend is fantastic. First scents just smelled GOOD. A deeper "sniffing" revealed to me an actual figgy scent along with the generally fat, sweet and comforting goodness of the aroma- I could easily discern a whiff of what smelled like dried missions. Wow! It's so nice when you can actually distinguish the scent suggested in the title. Sounds silly, but often you really can't. American Tea Room has done a nice (NICE) job with this blend. The blend is also attractive, which is an added bonus. The pu-erh leaf is less the main feature as part of a blend also containing long shreds of coconut, what looks to be fennel seed, pieces of dried fig, dandelion root and vanilla bean chunks. These ingredients work together with the aroma to make for a very appealing tea blend.

I steeped the tea as suggested for five minutes with water come to a boil and then allowed to cool for a minute and then poured out two mugs of tea (one for me and one for Shawn). The tea pours out dark and sturdy and copper colored and certainly the pu-erh is well matched to the desserty elements of the other ingredients, making for a well nigh divine concoction. The sweet and subtle taste of fig is in there, mingling with the rich fullness of the loose leaf pu-erh and bolstered with chocolate-y hints from the dandelion and sweet creamy richness from the coconut and vanilla. I can't figure out what the fennel is doing, but it's pretty in the mix and no harm comes from its presence. Perhaps it bolsters the digestive benefits? The earthy element of the pu-erh is subdued but has the effect of keeping the coconut from overpowering things. Once again, pu-erh proves itself to be an ideal backdrop for sweet, warming flavors.

This is a tea that will make you feel good. It's not too heavy and it's not too light. I enjoyed a cup in the afternoon and another in the morning and found each time just right to enjoy it. I think I could have enjoyed a cup after dinner without being worried about caffeine. Two excellent infusions can be had and the tea is marvelous with or without sweetener. I found that without sweetener, the figgy aspects and the taste of the pu-erh leaf was more forthright, which was very enjoyable. Sweetened, the tea takes on delicious, yummy dessert-y qualities. Either way, it's fantastic.

I'm highly impressed and definitely could have written a more concise review. That one would have read as follows: "Mmmm. Oh my gosh, this is just SO good!"

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5 Responses to “Review: American Tea Room Toasted Fig Pu Er Blend”

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  2. Shaiha Says:

    Loved the review and I so agree. This tea is just flat out yummy!

  3. john Says:

    didn’t enjoy this tea at all. Had to quit on it after a couple sips. I was really looking for a great tea because of all the great reviews, but was very disappointed. Had a tangy taste that didn’t blend well with the toasted after taste.

    My Rating: 3/10

  4. Jamie Says:

    i think we’ve all had that experience of being the one who didn’t so much enjoy the raved about item! sorry to hear it wasn’t your cup of tea.

  5. Laura Says:

    John, if you ordered a big bag of it, I bet you could find some takers around here… 🙂

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