Review: Golden Tips Tea Temi Tea, Clonal, Second Flush 2010

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Sikkim is a landlocked state in Northern India situated in the Himalayas. It has a very peculiar reputation, being the "Atlantic City"-equivalent in the Near East. In other words, it's a gambling vacation spot. The former kingdom only possesses one tea garden - Temi - and it's considered quite new by estate standards. (Founded in the 1960s.) Temi teas are known for their unusual aroma and flavor, differing from other Himalayan teas.

I can see why given the scent for this second flush. Along with the usual spice I detect in high-grown Indian teas, there was also an impression of citrus. Odd, considering the last Temi tea I tried - a first flush - didn't have that aromatic note to it. The appearance of the leaves were also quite lovely, the usual Indian bouquet ranging from green to brown. I was eager to steep the Himalayan heck out of 'em.

Safest brewing bet for a lighter, high-altitude tea was (usually) 1 teaspoon in 8oz of "up-to-a-boil" water, steeped for two-and-a-half-to-three minutes. I aimed for the lighter so as to maintain the supposed citrus I smelled.

Wow, they weren't kidding around when they said unusual. I was wrong in my citrusy prediction, it wasn't that. Instead, in its place was another fruit; still a citrus, but markedly different aromatic and flavor profile. Grapefruit. This smelled and tasted like grapefruit. That and the color of the liquid resembled the innards of a grapefruit. Oh, sure, there was also a sense of mild malt and muscatel, but the dominant impression was grapefuit. (How many times can I use grapefruit in a paragraph?)

Temi has surprised me yet again, although - unlike the first flush - the second flush shows off the uniqueness of this type of tea. I'm not sure what this clonal was growing next to, but I want - nay, need - to know. This is a flawless second flush...and only the second I've ever had.

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  1. Vijay Kumar Says:

    Golden Tips Teas are awesome when it comes to black teas. Temi Sikkim Black Tea Second Flush is a combination of brown & black leaves with a few silver tips. It has a sharp and pleasant taste. I was addicted in a way to this blend of Tea in 2014. A good find really by Golden Tips Teas.

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