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Thumbs up!"American Tea Room is no stranger to creating perfect-pairings, and they have crafted another winner in Victoria. "
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American Tea Room is more hip, urban high fashion than pinkies-up, tea cakes and lace doilies. But they can playfully dabble in that arena with their royally-blended Victoria Tea offering.

The Victoria dried blend exudes freshness with its potent aroma. The citrus notes of the bergamot are perhaps most pungent, but when combined with the floral scent of the rose petals and the sweetness of the vanilla beans - all paired alongside the black tea base - a tropical vibe comes through. There are hints of dried pineapple chunks and coconut-lotioned sunbathers. But there are also whiffs of elegant perfume and aromatic, freshly-oiled chinawood. "Victoria" seems to be the perfect moniker for this regally-scented concoction. The tea is certified organic, although it's not clear on whether or not the other ingredients are.

A 4-minute infusion with sub-boiling water is recommended, although it can be taken up to 5 minutes with nice results as well. The aroma in the cup is but a faint memory of the dried blend's potency, but it's all there. On the palette, the intensity is less as well, but that is a good thing (because if the flavor matched the scent out of the pouch, it would have to be redubbed Taste Bud Destroyer). The flavor is akin to a top-quality, favorite earl grey, but with high floral notes from the rose petals. It is a bit sensory-intensive, and as such is probably best reserved for an occasional tea as opposed to pulling this one out daily.

It may be psychological, but the title of this tea, combined with the rose flavor, evokes the grey-haired elderly type of tea room experience. That may work well for some, but it does bring a different connotation than a tea that may evoke curling up on a soft couch with a good book, gentle flames flickering in the fireplace, a slight upward curl on the lips. Or sitting amidst classically-styled urbanites in a urban-respite cafe, Blue Note jazz on the hi-fi. However, it's a playful blend that should appeal to a wide variety of tea drinkers. It showcases that American Tea Room is no stranger to creating perfect-pairings, and they have crafted another winner in Victoria.

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  1. David Says:

    Thanks for the nice review Dan. Everything in Victoria is organic. If our label says organic than it is entirely organic (as opposed to one or two components).

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