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Thumbs up!"If I were to name a more risky name it would Dragon Spit, but fireberry is probably more accurate in description, but the tea is just as cool as my false name sounds."
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When I read the ingredients list I remembered back to the last time that I purchased a tea like this. It was bad, but I hold to the belief that it was due to the unnecessary addition of granulated sugar. Despite this unfortunate bout with a similar tea, I decided to give fruity love one more chance, and I am quite pleased that I did so.

The colour is among the best qualities of this tea. Its a translucent blood red, kind of like raspberry jello without the foam. The fruity tartness is delicious, but not too sweet. I brewed this tea in a geometric glass pot for 5 minutes in 208 F water, as per the website's instructions. Then I split the tea up into a cup for me, and a covered mug to let cool in the refrigerator. The hot version of this is something I would enjoy drinking while dehydrated or ill. For example, this is probably a very good beverage for someone with the flu because it would deliver a lot of electrolytes and and hydration, but still be agreeable with the tummy. Pleasantly pleased with the warm version, but I knew that I was going to adore the cold version more.

I was so right. The cold version really allows the flavours to play in the sense that we know them best. Realistically, you never have warm fruit unless it is in some type of sugared up dessert. Fruit, on the other hand, is washed off and eaten right off the stems. The currant really added a nice grape essence to the tea and the elderberry gave a nice flare to the tea. The "fire" part of fireberry is a heat that is almost like a hint of cinnamon or chipotle. The heat remains very subtle, but does a really nice job with bringing the fruity tea to life. (It's also the reason why I came up with the name Dragon Spit). This tea is going to be on the summer's line up for iced tea, picnic style.

— To purchase Tiesta Tea Fireberry, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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