Review: Golden Tips of Darjeeling Gingia Tea, First Flush 2010

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Thumbs up!"This is the kind of tea you marry and keep with you until death does you part. It's not crazy or off the hook, it's one of those settling down with types of tea. "
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Golden Tips website is super informative and navigable, so props for them. This tea is graded in true British style TGFOP. The site also says that this is from the North Bank of Assam. The Gingia tea estate was founded in 1926, and when I made it I used boiling water and steeped for three and five minutes, which is the recommended temp and time.

There's nothing spicy, spangled or splashy, but its a good and solid Assam. The kind of tea that you can roll over and wake up to happy every morning. The black is knee deep and strong liquid that fills the mouth with the frothy and browned flavour. This tea's flavour reminds me of the head of a beer, only the dark darjeeling foamy flavour instead of a beer flavour. I really did enjoy putting a bit of sugar and cream into the morning brew and taking this as black in the evening. This also made a good sweet tea, made in southern style. I will most likely continue to experiment with this tea that is wonderful daily and very versatile in the kitchen.

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