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Thumbs up!"I really preferred this blend chilled and definitely enjoyed it with a little stevia added. The tart and sweet combo is pretty enjoyable."
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My first sample from EuroTCup, a new to me company, is simply called Blueberry - it is a tisane comprised entirely of fruit and non-tea materials. The mix is very handsome; it's chock full of blueberries, raisins, plenty of hibiscus, some strawberry pieces and other fruits like currants all sharing plum, blue, purple and deep pink colorings along with a smattering of green leaf pieces that are perhaps eucalyptus. The scent is very strong and you can tell that there are flavorings of some nature added to kick the scent up so high. The scent is thick and nearly viscous and I'm reminded of the way fruit leather smells when it first comes out of the dehydrator. The scents I can discern most clearly are strawberry and blueberry in concert. This is a great smelling tisane.

I used a ratio of one heaped teaspoon (probably more like a teaspoon and a half) of the blend per 8 ounces of freshly boiled water and I allowed a steep of five minutes. I used a little bit of liquid stevia to sweeten my sample.

The tisane is beautiful in color, blueberry for sure. The flavor is very berry natured, but has a strong kick of hibiscus in the mix which adds a pretty steep tartness. So while the berries are bursting, the hibiscus adds a tart ring that makes this not a super sweet drink....rather, it's more tart overall. The hibiscus in this blend tends to take over the taste of this one, in my opinion. It's pretty good and seems very cleansing on the palate, but even to me, the tartness was a little over the top, mostly because in a berry tisane, you really want to taste berries. I would think that for someone not crazy for hibiscus or puckery flavors, this could prove a real hindrance to their enjoyment. For someone looking for a sweet fruity drink, this might not fit the bill. Conversely, someone not looking for a candy sweet berry tisane, this will suit well as the tartness keeps this blend from tasting of candy, even with sweetener added.

The strong presence of the hibiscus made me decide to sample this iced as well, though our exceedingly wet and drawn out cool spring doesn't really warrant cold drinks. As an iced or cold tisane, this blend excels. Something about the hibiscus seems to work well with cold drinks. I'd love a tall glass with a little mint from the garden or even fresh berries thrown in...I think I really preferred this blend chilled and definitely enjoyed it with a little stevia added. The tart and sweet combo is pretty enjoyable.

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