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Thumbs up!"This blend mimics the cherry blossom effect to almost-perfect aplomb."
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I chuckle every time I read a byline for a Joy's Teaspoon tea. Case in point, the Japanese Cherry's read: "We know the concept is confusing given its' name, but it is known as a classic Moroccan tea!" As if I would get confused by that. Might as well say, "Now, I know what you're can a monkey wear rubber pants like that?" Sure, I wasn't thinking about monkeys before but now I am. Dang it, now I have to look up Moroccan tea history.

Morocco is one of the largest tea importers in the world. The tea culture of the region exclusively centers around green tea, specifically gunpowder (pellet-rolled) tea from China. Mint tea is the most recognizable Moroccan blend and is acknowledged worldwide. Other additives that are common are lemon verbena, wormwood leaves (!!!), and pine nuts. No mention of cherries or other fruits, but some other vendors advertise similar blends as a Moroccan favorite. So, I'll take it at remote face value.

Joy's blend included green tea (likely Chinese sencha), freeze-dried cherry pieces, and cherry flavoring. The green tea base was abundant and accounted for - long, dark green pieces with an aracha look to them. Freeze dried cherries were actually a rarity. In my 1/3rd-oz sample, I think I found two. However, where the cherries were lacking, the flavored aroma was loud and kicking, imparting a scent very similar to cherry blossoms.

Brewing instructions called for 1 tsp. steeped in 176F-194F water with a steep of two-to-three minutes. Aside from the wiggle room in the temperature, the rest sounded about right. I adhered to it exactly with a mid-ground water temp of 180F for the max time.

The liquor brewed to a pale and light-foggy green with a "cherry cola"-like nose. It also reminded me of cherry-flavored NyQuil for some reason; probably for the relaxing effect. The first sip began with a grassy front with a grape-y lean, followed by a full-bodied cherry flavor to the core. Rounding it out was a clean, floral, and creamy-noted finish.

I've had green tea blended with actual cherry blossoms before, and I've also had cherry-flavored knock-offs. Prada versus "Prado", Nike versus "Nikey". This blend mimics the cherry blossom effect to almost-perfect aplomb. To fully sucker a fool, Joy could've added pink rose petals, but tea trolling with this delicious disguise is plenty.

— To purchase Joy’s Teaspoon Japanese Cherry, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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