Review: Golden Tips Thurbo Oolong, 2nd Flush 2009

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Thumbs up!"This is surprisingly delicious, easy to drink, and reasonably priced."
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I've been stalling on this review for a while, debating what to say, but in the interest of full disclosure, I'll just be honest. I found a 4-inch piece of what I'm guessing was floss, though it may have been string, in this tea sample. It currently holds the record for weirdest thing I've found in a tea. Later on in the same batch, I found a rock; quartz, maybe. I'm used to finding oddities in pu-erh, and once I found a half dozen long hairs in one batch of Yunnan black, but this experience weirded me out just a little bit. That being said, you pour pretty hot water over tea, so it should kill basically anything, and as you can tell from the rating on this one, I wasn't THAT disturbed.

This tea is somewhat unique in that it is a Darjeeling estate tea, but it isn't a black. This isn't an uncommon thing, but the oolongs are somewhat harder to find than their more fully oxidised counterparts. The leaves resemble a classic black Darjeeling - Multicolour tones of greens, browns, and silver. I steep at 195° for three minutes.

It's an interesting tea. Very fruity with strong notes of muscatel. Hints of grass and hay. It's not an extremely complex flavour, but it is surprisingly distinctly a Darjeeling estate tea. I don't read it as distinctly an oolong, but it's clearly different from an Indian black.

Steep two is 195°, 5 minutes. It's not as flavourful as the first, but it has quite enough gusto. It is definitely a suitable follow-up.

This is surprisingly delicious, easy to drink, and reasonably priced. That's what I really want in an everyday tea. I want something leaning towards simple but with enough personality to remind me that I'm drinking tea instead of just hot water. This is a satisfactory leaf, nothing life changing, but solid, and despite the mysterious surprises in my sample, I'd happily buy it.

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