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Thumbs up!"Rich and decadent doesn't really begin to describe this blend! This is a must-try for those looking for an unusual sweet treat. "
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This is the first time I've encountered fig as an ingredient in a tea blend. Even though I'm not a huge fan of figs on their own, I'm definitely intrigued, especially following the glowing reviews this tea has received on Teaviews. ATR's website concisely describes this as “an earthy blend of Organic Pu-Er, Figs, Dandelion Roots, Coconut Flakes and Fennel”. True to its earthy roots, this tea looks a little like cedar chip mulch, with lots of choppy brown bits mingling together. The aroma of the dry blend is seductively fruity and almost boozy: yum!

I followed the directions graciously provided on the package, steeping a generous teaspoonful in 8 ounces of water heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. The resulting mahogany brown liquor has an enticing chocolate and freshly mowed grass aroma to it. Rich and decadent doesn't really begin to describe the taste of this blend! At the forefront comes the sweetness of the fig and the coconut. These lend a creamy, almost malty quality to the cup. The earthy notes of the puerh and dandelion root are most prominent in the finish. These combine with the fennel to form a lingering, pleasantly grassy aftertaste. All in all, this tea definitely more than the sum of its parts, with vanilla and chocolate notes making an appearance throughout as well.

I tried a second infusion, steeping the blend again for 6 minutes. The flavour profile is nearly identical. Some of the creaminess of the body is lost, but otherwise this tea is well worth re-brewing.

I have to say I was initially a bit wary of using such a long steep with a puerh-based tea but I need not have worried. This cup is a delicious combination of sweet and earthy notes and not at all bitter. I would even venture to say that a longer brew helps to bring out the sweeter elements of this tea, such as the figs and the fennel, which might be overshadowed by the taste of the puerh otherwise. Kudos to the folks at ATR for coming up with such a novel and well balanced blend. This is a must-try for those looking for an unusual sweet treat.

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