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Thumbs up!"A rather unusual darjeeling that you will have to try to experience all of its components. Works wonderfully iced. "
Shaiha’s Teaview: 7.3/10
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Today was one of those days where I hardly had a moment to myself. Running from one appointment to another tends to be rather wearing. I did have a treat when I finally made it home though. I had offered to review some teas for Mark T. Wendell Tea Company and they are one of those vendors that always have first rate teas. And those teas were waiting for me on my porch.

Singbulli Estate produces some of my favorite Darjeeling teas but I haven't had the opportunity to sample any from this year so of course this was the first sample that I chose. Just looking at the leaves, I can tell that this will be an impressive tea. It is a blend of both black and green teas leaves with a many silver buds. The dry aroma is all about freshness and green growing plants with a strong muscatel finish.

I set it up to brew using four teaspoons to four cups of water. I used boiling water and let it steep for 3.5 minutes. The resulting liquor is a bright gold rather then the typical reddish brown that you usually see from a darjeeling. The aroma is also unique. It has a very strong floral component and really reminds me of an oolong.

This tea has a medium mouthfeel, one that you just want to roll around in. Very smooth, slightly sweet with a tartness that reminds me of blood orange. There is a strong aftertaste that lingers on the roof of the mouth that is hard to describe. The first thought that comes to mind is minerals but that doesn't really fit. Very definitely a multilayered darjeeling.

Simply because it is summer, I also let some cool and iced it. I found that the mineral aftertaste disappeared when it is cool. This is most certainly a tea that I prefer cold.

I have to admit that I am really on the fence about this tea. It has a great well rounded flavor but that aftertaste really throws me off. And with the floral aroma, I was really expecting to run across that component in the taste but it didn't make an appearance. I really don't think that I will be purchasing any of this tea for my own use. It is great iced but I want my teas to be great both hot and cold.

Visit Mark T. Wendell Teas for more information on this tea and many more from their extensive product catalogue.

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