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Its OK"The flavor of this tea is a bit heavier and flatter than I prefer to see in a Darjeeling."
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Having recently enjoyed some really terrific Darjeeling offerings lately, I have been on a bit of a Darjeeling kick thses days. This morning I decided to test out my sample of Boston Tea Co's Darjeeling. This tea comes packaged in silk sachet pyramid tea bags that are then individually wrapped in plastic envelopes to preserve freshness. I found the additional plastic envelopes to be excessive and wasteful, but I suppose that is an entirely personal preference. The amount of tea in the sachet is sufficient for a 6-8 ounce cup of tea, but really nothing more than that. The leaves are of decent size and comparable to other good Darjeelings. The dry leaf offers a distinct tobacco leafy scent, as well as more subtle musky notes. I brought water to a boil and poured it over the sachet, allowing the leaves to steep for just under three minutes. During infusion, the leaves did seem to take advantage of the entire volume of the pyramid tea bag. The flavor of this tea is a bit heavier and flatter than I prefer to see in a Darjeeling. For me, one of the hallmarks of a great Darjeeling tea is that light and crisp fresh flavor that makes you feel like the leaves had been picked moments before you brewed them. Sadly, that was missing from this cup and rather than seeming like the "champagne of teas", as Darjeeling is often called, this drank more like an everyday cup of black tea. When I focused, I could taste a mild muscatel flavor that gave away this tea's Darjeeling roots, but overall there was no "wow factor" involved in this tea. Was it drinkable? Absolutely. But is it praiseworthy? Nah, probably not. On the taste scale, this one earns that dubious rating that falls above mediocre but far below memorable. Based on flavor alone, I would say that this is a tea that would be suitable for an easy morning pick-me-up or when you are unable to brew a higher-quality loose-leaf Darjeeling alternative. However, the cost of this tea ($7.99 for a box of 15 sachets) seems a bit high for me given that I know I have sampled superior Darjeelings that are offered at a better price.

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