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Tastes are a strange thing. I don't really care for fresh or flaked coconut but in a candy bar or a tea, I go nuts for it. So I was rather excited when I received a sample of So Coconut for review. I have tried black tea and coconut combos before however I have found that the black tea seems to override the coconut rather then playing nicely. I have always been really impressed by blends from American Tea Room so I have high hopes for this blend.

Opening up my sample, I am almost blown away by the aroma. It reminds me of nothing as much as an almond joy minus the chocolate. I can't wait to try it.

I love the fact that ATR includes brewing parameters on all of their packaging including the sample sizes so I get everything set according to them. There was a steep time of 4-5 minutes so I decided to split the difference and went with 4.5 minutes. The aroma once steeped is deliciously coconutty.

I am certainly not disappointed with the taste. It is so rich and creamy with a long lingering aftertaste. I am not really able to pick up much from the black tea itself other then that it is smooth without a hint of astringency. I can only assume that it is a finer tea considering I didn't get any bitterness even with the longer steep time.

I think that I am in total love with this blend and I can say with a certainty that I will be picking some up the next time I shop at ATR.

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  1. RS Bohn Says:

    I can’t wait to try this. Currently, I’m in love with Republic of Tea’s Coconut Pu-erh. Thanks for the review.

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