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Its OK"A somewhat-finicky tea that works best with shorter infusions. When properly prepared, a sweet maltiness on the nose with an even-sweeter caramel or toffee note results. When oversteeped, a "dishwater" impression is left, and does not sit well."
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Sparkling Delight is a Himalayan Darjeeling tea that I've been ingesting daily now for about a week, and am still on the fence about my feelings toward it. Sometimes it gives me an unsatisfactory impression, others it has hit the spot just right. The presentation of the tea is small to medium broken leaves, almost entirely a mahogany shade of brown, with a sprinkling of lighter brown and green leaves peppered throughout. The aroma of the dried leaf is very nice, with a sweet malty nose to it. Although I did not receive it this way, this tea reportedly comes packaged in a custom made wooden box that is painted with crushed gemstones, and as such almost seems worth the price alone for such a neat bonus!

Generally speaking, my best results with this tea were obtained with 3-minute infusions, as the 5-minute steeps just left a lackluster taste and an inability for a second infusion. The shorter steep retains that sweet maltiness on the nose in the cup, with even a more sweet caramel or toffee note. That translates less so to the palette, but the flavor is savory and becomes more enjoyable as the cup is sipped. A second infusion is less successful, but an acceptable cup. Nowhere near what a typical quality Darjeeling gives in its second infusion. Also, the longer infusions leave a "dishwater" type of impression with me, and did not sit well. So I think the 3-minute infusion is the secret to this tea's success, and would recommend sticking with one initial infusion.

All told, when pinned down just right, this makes a fine malty cup. It's quite unlike most Darjeelings I have enjoyed, but makes for a nice addition to the cupboard for variety's sake. However, the tentative nature of this tea to go off the edge makes it somewhat less desirable, and certainly finer choices do exist.

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