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Thumbs up!"The scent of the infused leaf, as in its dry state, is remarkably dry and the taste is marvelously sweet, almost like caramel has been infused into the leaf itself. "
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cantonteabailinCanton Tea Company has a marvelous tea in its repertoire that a substantial number of black tea lovers will be interested to know about. Canton's Bai Lin Gong Fu is a black tea made in China's Fujian province. The company mentions the following about it at their website: "One of the earliest Chinese black teas ever to be produced, this Bai Lin Gong Fu is made from young wild white tea buds, twisted into tight elegant gold-streaked curls." The leaf in question is fantastic, coal black with bright tan and milk chocolate colored leaves showing like sparks throughout. The scent is dry, sweet and with strong caramel and molasses notes. Bold!

I prepared this cup following Canton's simple and straightforward brewing suggestions. I used two teaspoons of leaf per 8 ounces of water and allowed my water to heat to 176 degrees. After a three minute infusion, the liquor poured out a dark coppery red with wonderful strong color but an equally impressive clarity. The scent of the infused leaf, as in its dry state, is remarkably dry and the taste is marvelously sweet, almost like caramel has been infused into the leaf itself. The liquor is sweet and smooth with a full body but a delicacy to it as well. Perhaps this quality is owing to the wonderful dryness of the tea. Whatever the cause, the tea doesn't come across as robust and overly strong; despite wonderful full flavor and lots of body, the tea retains a very elegant smoothness that is a delight to sip and enjoy. The first infusion is so rich in flavor, especially a remarkable caramel sweetness, that there is no need for sweetener or any additions to be made. It's meant to be enjoyed just as it is. Delicious. An aftertaste both sweet and dry is another pleasant attribute, with elements in it hinting at berry, the ever present caramel and even an oaky, earthy sort of tobacco flavor.

This tea is, again, quite a treat for black tea lovers. I'm hooked. It's smooth and super enjoyable. A wonderful second infusion may be had. I allowed a five and a half minute steeping time for the second infusion and sweetened it very lightly (my favorite way to enjoy second infusions of Chinese black teas). Wow. I can't really say much beyond that. It was like drinking a light, perfect version of darkening sugar, just before you whisk the cream in to make caramel.

Delicious and exquisite, this leaf is a sensory delight and a treasure to partake of.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Bai Lin Gong Fu, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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