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Thumbs up!" If ever a tea could taste cheerful and optimistic, this one does."
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For someone who loves an occasional cup of Earl Grey tea, the chance to try a Darjeeling based Earl Grey was plenty tempting. Golden Tips offers this lovely combination of tastes and since I'm fond of Earl Greys but also think that a bad base leaf can definitely spoil Earl Grey's show, I was pleased to sample it for review.

This offering is a very dark black leafed tea, darker than any Darjeeling I've ever encountered. Leaves range from charcoal and dark chocolate tones (the bulk of the leaf) to dark reddish tan leaves here and there. The length of the leaves is medium and longer and there is a wonderful scent of mild citrusy bergamot emanating from the leaf. The familiar aroma is thick and heavy, not high and perfumey. There's a strong smell of good tea rolling right along this river of scent and this is something I appreciate and start to look forward to sipping right away.

I use a simple teaspoon of leaf per 8 ounces of water just under a boil (probably 205 or so). I allow a three minute steep. Soft hints of sweet citrus spice emanate from the steeping tea. The infused leaf is light in color and tastes delicious. The Darjeeling pairing is bright and playful, making a deluxe backdrop for a very appealing, mellow orange citrus bergamot flavor that is permeating and full of flavor but not overly perfumed. The flavor is full and would even be a little sultry were it not for the playful Darjeeling. The Darjeeling base serves to lighten and brighten things, creating an overall effect that is invigorating and a marvelous pick me up. If ever a tea could taste cheerful and optimistic, this one does.

An excellent pairing! This one should delight Earl Grey lovers. For those that don't like a high toned, very perfumey Earl Grey, this one will sparkle. And I suspect for those that do, they'll love the way the light buoyancy of the Darjeeling keeps this Earl Grey from having a heavy bergamot quality. All in all, this is one of the best Earl Grey's I've had in a long time.

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One Response to “Review: Golden Tips Tea Darjeeling Earl Grey”

  1. Kuldeep Tyagi Says:

    I tried my first earl grey tea from Golden Tips, tea bags range. Small pack of 10 tea bags of earl grey teas along with rest of the range of tea bags I got from no other than Mr. Madhav Sarda when I visited him for the meeting. Please don’t be envy (I got them as gift), I work really hard to get those teas :D. My all time favourite is Jasmeen teas, but boy there is certainly something mischievous about this earl grey, I got hooked.
    I was so much looking forward to place my next order (come on, not all my teas are gifted) and decided I was going to add this particular tea in my basket for sure to see how this fine quality of tea will taste, since in tea bags you can’t get that premium taste.

    Opportunity stuck and I was in Golden tips office this January and the moment I was asked which tea you would like to take away (ha ha, yes I know what you are thinking) I jumped and said DARJEELING EARL GREY, and landed with this pack.
    I was busy after that meeting and I do not want to spoil the fun of this tea, so I waited for an apt moment when I could open up this pack and pay my complete attention to this tea. And today I had that moment after dinner. So, I opened up this pack, and ….. the aroma of bergamot mixed with fine Darjeeling leaves – I was sniffing these tea leaves while the water boiled. I could not say for sure but that aroma took me to my childhood memories, the sweet taste of crème orange biscuits that I savour with delight in my childhood days come rushing to my mind. I was excited even before the tea was ready.
    I steep the tea for 3-4 minutes, and prepared a jumbo size mug full of this mischievous liquid and sat back watching TV. And with every sip I was thinking – this is not a tea, this is some drink that could transform you to a happy mood, every sip is full of lingering taste of Darjeeling and slight hint of freshly picked bergamot. WOW – magnificent, simply the best. I love this tea, this is best of the earl grey tea one could savour any where around this world.
    Give this tea a chance, it charms you like a mistress you are going to come back to it often!

    My Rating: 10/10

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