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Thumbs up!"You could serve it to anyone with a bit of interest in tea and quite possibly cause them to develop more interest in tea as a result. "
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Golden Tips says the following about its offering "Jubilee."

"A very rare and enchanting tea. Undoubtedly the season's most outstanding, this exceptional and stylish Darjeeling tea with a golden colour also has a beautiful fragrance with characteristic muscatel flavour. Grown in lush estates, cradled in the Himalayas, this is indeed a hard to find tea and provides the connoisseurs with a rare drinking pleasure. This is unmistakably Darjeeling tea at its finest."

Jubilee is indeed a good tasting tea, one of the tastiest Darjeelings I've sampled that isn't single estate. It's a lovely, smooth bodied tea with many facets to it but a pleasant subdued and mellow approach to the flavors that doesn't cause your mind to wander or become confused trying to follow exploding floral and muscatel taste sensations. Rather, it's got a grown up approach sans stodginess.

I used a teaspoon of the gray, green, tan and silvery leaves per eight ounces of just off the boil water. I steep Darjeelings for an exact three minutes, never knowing how temperamental the leaf might be. This treatment worked like a charm for Jubilee. The color of the liquor was coppery orange, and a shade darker, like roasted pumpkin. The scent wafted off the top of my cup - spicy and fruity, the characteristic "muscatel" aroma that is so enticing in Darjeeling offerings.

I had two reliable infusions from this tea every time I brewed it for sampling and the second infusion can respond well even to very inattentive brewers (ah-hem). Tastes are impressively spicy, to my mind. There's a vague cinnamon sort of taste that I love along with wonderful fruity and floral tastes that are improved with sweetening. The liquor is full and sweet with something of a heaviness to it that is well suited to the floral/muscatel nature of the flavor and makes the tastes of the spice in this leaf more appealing, as well. The muscatel qualities in this particular offering are really noticeable and I found this Darjeeling to be not particularly "green" in its flavor. The close of the tea is slightly dry and very clean/fresh, a nice contrast to the natural sweetness of the tea. Slight cooling, I noticed, accentuates all of these qualities.

Lightly sweetening this Darjeeling really brings out a smoother and more "homogenous" rendering of the above qualities. The floral and fruity qualities merge into a more singular flavor profile but the spiciness remains, impressively. And Golden Tips is correct, muscatel is very notable and delicious. The dry aftertaste remains as well, without any particularly astringent quality. I like it very much!

I thought this was an excellent blend of Darjeelings - it's one that would be hard to offend anyone with. You could serve it to anyone with a bit of interest in tea and quite possibly cause them to develop more interest in tea as a result. Good, unfussy, fragrant and aromatic with wonderful taste and ease of preparation, all at a pretty reasonable price for such a nice leaf. Second infusions are absolutely delicious and a must.

— To purchase Golden Tips Tea Jubilee, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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