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Thumbs up!"Earl Grey Supreme by Big Tea House is not the bergamot show and AMEN to that! "
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Earl Grey hasn’t always been a friend of mine. Frankly, it’s bergamot that has come between us. The bergamot flavor is so strong in some Earl Grey blends that it’s almost like a petulant child desperate for attention. Constantly in the forefront forcing out all of the other flavors in the blend, bergamot has tried my patience in the past.

Thankfully, Earl Grey supreme from Big Tea House has given me a new chance at having a good relationship with Earl Grey. The bergamot in this blend is more restrained and that allows for a far more balanced flavor in my opinion. I actually like the flavor of the bergamot in this blend because it works with the organic black tea instead of competing against it. That makes for a far more enjoyable and well-rounded cuppa in my opinion. I’m not surprised that the folks at Big Tea House got Earl Grey Supreme so right because they have a passion for fine gourmet tea. Big Tea House is a relatively new tea company, launched in 2010, but I’m quickly becoming a fan of their exquisite tea blends.

Earl Grey Supreme has medium to smallish length, well-twisted, jet black leaves with lighter colored leaves mixed in. The aroma of the dry leaf is fresh and citrus-y with out being overpowering – far subtler than your typical Earl Grey. The liquor is a bright, medium copper color with a delicate bergamot nose. I’m struck by the sweetness of this tea with my first sip. This Earl Grey has a smooth, sweet, citrus essence that blends perfectly with the pungent body. I can almost taste creaminess in the finish, vanilla? This blend is making me look at Earl Grey in a whole new way.

I brewed Earl Grey Supreme at 195 degrees for 5 minutes as per the brewing instructions on the Big Tea House website. I enjoyed my first cup plain, but I added some stevia and almond milk to my second cup and it was lovely both ways. I’m really enjoying Earl Grey Supreme by Big Tea House because it has all the briskness and astringency I love in black tea with a creamy, sweet, citrus bonus. It’s not the bergamot show and amen to that!

— To purchase Big Tea House Earl Grey Supreme, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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