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Thumbs up!"Everything works together to create a natural tasting sweet treat that is relaxing and enjoyable to spend the night curled up with. "
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The Tea District is another tea company that is entirely new to me and I was very pleased to make its acquaintance through a sample of their delicious dessert blend Chocolate Rooibos Black. In case you are wondering, this is indeed a blend of rooibos and black tea leaf. That's something I've never seen before. In the case of this blend, there is far more rooibos than black tea and the blend makes an excellent dessert tea and can be enjoyed in the evening without worry about wakefulness. You can see big chunks of broken cacao shell, shreds of coconut and plump bits of dried apple along with the rooibos and the fat black leaves of black tea. The scent is sweet and chocolate-y - reminiscent of a liqueur - and carrying along with that chocolate scent a lovely creaminess with coconut undertones.

I used a heaped teaspoon of the blend per 8 ounces of boiled water and allowed a five minute steep. I enjoyed this sample sweetened lightly with liquid stevia. The cup poured out a dark chocolate-y orange color and smelled pretty decadently of chocolate. There is a definite, tasty chocolate flavor to the blend with a great tasting vanilla-esque creaminess to the cup. The chocolate is thick and luscious and reminds me of a sophisticated tasting, thinly bodied cocoa. There are liqueur like attributes to the taste as to the smell in that there's an almost alcohol like linger in the mouth that is really pleasant and good tasting. The coconut and vanilla flavors provide a full body, working well with the rooibos and little kick of black tea to support the tasty chocolate dessert flavor of this tea. This is enjoyable in every sense!

What I like perhaps best about this blend is that the rooibos is as much a part of the flavor profile as the chocolate. Rather than a super over the top dessert tea extravaganza, so sweet you feel almost weird after drinking it, this blend has subtleties to the taste. Nothing is out of balance. You can taste good sweetness, good chocolate and vanilla and creamy components. You can even discern the extra body provided by the tea in the mix. The rooibos is distinct. Everything works together to create a natural tasting sweet treat that is relaxing and enjoyable to spend the night curled up with.

If you like dessert teas, I highly recommend adding some of this to your next order from Tea District.

— To purchase Tea District Chocolate Rooibos, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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