Review: Thunderbolt Tea Castleton Muscatel (Second Flush 2011)

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Thumbs up!"This wasn't just a quintessential Darjeeling second flush, this was the friggin' template."
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For the longest time - and by that, I mean two years - Giddapahar was my favorite Darjeeling tea estate. I tried three of their wares, and all of them were what a Darjeeling OP should aspire to. That crown has been challenged lately by another contender. Castleton has really impressed me lately. In a fabulous year for Darjeeling teas, its first and second flush offerings just about reigned supreme - at least, in my mind. With a title like "Muscatel", this second flush by them had a lot to live up to.

I swear, the moment I cut open the vacuum-sealed bag with a pair of scissors, the air exploded with spice. Some spiciness is expected with a Darjeeling, but not this much in a second flush - at least to me. In my experience, that bold of a profile is reserved for first flushes. Not that I was complaining. If there was a grape lean, I didn't sense it amidst the tamale-esque smellsplosion. The appearance of the leaves themselves were more standard to the growing season - greens, browns and beiges. Like the last two Castletons I tried, this promised to be an interesting infusion.

Brewing instructions weren't present on the tea profile. Generally, second flush Darjeelings required a lighter approach...but not too light. This time around, I went with a tablespoon of leaves in a 12oz. cup of 200F water, steeped for three minutes.

The liquor infused to a dark amber, much like the flesh of a young clementine orange. No seriously, that's the best comparison I could come up with. The aroma was equal parts woody, malty, smoky and grape...-y. It was Darjeeling to the core, but how did it differ on taste? Well, first off, I was taken aback by a tickle of petals on the front; not quite what I was expecting on first sip. Then I was virtually clobbered by the spice-'n-grape muscatel profile of its namesake. This wasn't just a quintessential Darjeeling second flush, this was the friggin' template. It's not as awe-inspiring as Castleton's second flush oolong (Moonlight), but it's still a point-tea of palate-related pleasure.

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  1. Graham Cope Says:

    Enjoyed your review Geoff, as always. It sounds like a lovely cup. Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite Darjeeling? I love both the first and second flushes, for different reasons. I find the Autumns a bit hit or miss. Have you tried the Singbulli Jade Delight 2nd flush from 2011? It’s a bit pricey, but the taste is amazing!

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