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Thumbs up!"The citrus notes make this tea unique and the whole blend is a well rounded sipping tea."
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I like reading up on the tea companies that are new to me, and Murchie's Tea and Coffee qualifies as so. I understand the need to keep a company name short and all, but Murchies's seems to do a whole lot more than tea and coffee. They do catering- they have quite the splay on their website which includes a cake section! They also do spices and gifts and preserves and baked goods and coffee and tea. My conclusion from this analysis is that they are either a fairly large business with efficient employees or they only put out par score products. From what I can tell the answer is closest to the former. Murchie's also lists on their site that they have a reputation for blending green and black teas together. Now, if you can get a black and green tea to taste great- then by all means blend away! But, if a company seems to be hitting less than great (rated less than 7.5 for my scoring), even by an iota, the mixing should be left to the master sommeliers.

The difficulty of blending teas comes when companies blend teas of two different requirement categories. Green teas are generally recommended to brew around 175-180 Fahrenheit for an average of 3 minutes. Black teas are quite a different story- needing (absolutely needing!) to be brewed at 212 (boiling) Fahrenheit for anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Rule #3 for brewing tea: Just because you have ranges recommended doesn't mean that anywhere within those ranges will work well. Here I include my first two rules just incase you're curious. [Rule #1 for brewing tea is: Do not torch your leaves! Rule #2 for brewing tea is: Oversteeping is not an economical use of tea leaves- rather its the best way to achieve disgustingly bitter tea]. Of course Chelsy's Tea Brewing Rules require a little homework before you put the kettle on, but the rules are there to help you, use them.

Finally to the Wedding Blend. The leaves are of respectable size quality for black Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea, and there are no fannings or dust hanging out with the luscious leaves. (Fannings and dust mean that your tea has probably been man handled a bit much, or is more than likely a lesser quality because size matters with tea leaves. If the case is simply a man handling issue though, I like to take a flour sifter over my garbage can, and sift out the dust and junk that will make my tea taste bitter... overbrewing and surface area, but that's for another review). The tea has a very large tea leaf to rose petal ratio, and the jasmine greens are harder to notice in the sea of black, but its all there. I brewed this tea at 212 Fahrenheit, even though there was Jasmine green in it because if you brew a black tea under 200 Fahrenheit then the flavonoids (which are the compounds that give black tea its flavour- hence the name) are not extracted from the plant skeleton and you get nasty water- not tea. I brewed for three minutes and achieved a nice sepia browned cup of tea.

The citrus was awesome, and easily my favourite part of the tea blend. The citrus notes cut through the husky ceylon and drew out the jasmine in ways that I honestly did not know were possible. The whole blend was a nice rounded cup. So even if served at a family get together where some are not partial to tea, they may just find the Wedding Blend palatable, or even good. This is a traditional British sipping tea, and as it was made in honour of the Royal couple, it really should be a tea that is not to gaudy in its flavour profile, but still supplies aromatics and flavours that are anything but boring.

— To purchase Murchie’s Tea and Coffee Wedding Blend, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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